Notes in Maintaining Leather Handbags

Click the link now to find out the eye-catching selection of –mont blanc watches uk at – Leather handbags are often the favorite choice for mature women. This is because of the fact that most graded handbags are made from leather, especially genuine leathers. We must confess that leather handbags often endow the wearer with a sense of elegance and maturity. However, due to its natural material, it is not easy for us to maintain the leather bags unless we’ve gotten some knowledge about the methods. Some notes about caring the leather: Never expose your leather handbag under the sunlight for a long period. This is because the leather could be dried out by the hot sunlight. Never let you leather handbag contact with your perfume, body spray or any cosmetic liquid etc. And you should also avoid the bath cream or shoes cleaning cream. The mechanical material in either of those liquids would have transformed the leather thus making it fragile.  Protect it from any pointed objects as they, unlike the canvas, would be punched with holes here and there. Some notes about the cleaning Do not clean it every day but regularly clean it. I know that you love your bags very much, but cleaning it every day would do more harm than good. Clean the handbag with a piece of damp cloth instead of dry cloth or wet cloth. This is because the lack of water in the cloth could not help removing the dirt or stain while the excessive water in the cloth may permeate into the bag and mold it. Mink oil could be applied to moisturize the leather bag as it could keep the leather neat and supple. Extra note: love your leather bag as much as you could.  

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