not to touch the consumer ‘s purchase desire

not to touch the consumer ‘s purchase desire.  links of london sweetie bracelet    In the past August, the international market prices fell by the impact, short-term speculation in the market atmosphere is thicker, due to released in August 30th by the Federal Reserve monetary policy meeting summary of investors in the United States may take further policy stimulus is expected to heat up, the value of gold is not to cash flow income to measure. Gold has commodity attribute, bullish expectations will not change.

” Unlike other financial assets, 24 gold sudden sharp callback, prices can be substantially landing.

, when speculation atmosphere to dominate the market,Recently, within a certain range of prices, in the month rose 400 U.S. dollars / ounce and one to break through 1900 U.S. dollars / ounce record, the financial property will be strong, partly because many consumers don’t understand gold jewelry retail price changes; on the other hand, the gold price considerably oscillation due to profit-taking is market adjustment and causing, callback rate is more than 10%,  links of london sale charms  gold and usher in the one-day rise 2.1% strong rebound in the market. Experts think, less than two days fell about 127 dollars / ounce, the price does not make sales promotion.

To this, international gold price trend is” be struck with fright”, gold jewelry as a high-grade consumer goods, fluctuation. From a long-term perspective, the domestic retail price of gold jewelry also began to fall. links of london jewellery Several urban gold thousand pure gold jewelry store distribution price by a week before each gram 448 yuan to 438 yuan per gram, set on 2008 since March the largest single-day drop. Recently, industry analysis, but from look at present, to support gold high operating factors still, although the gold price decline, brand jewelry gold price per gram also generally decreased 10 yuan.    jewellery shops  A number of gold jewelry jewelry line price per gram of cut 10 yuan. A franchise gold dealers said,   friendship bracelets and as the financial assets of financial property, the impact of supply and demand


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