Nokia Lumia 820 Deals – The illuminating new Windows OS on Offer

If Windows Phone 8 operating system has really caught your attention and you are looking for a smartphone sporting it then you must take a look at Nokia Lumia 820. It is the second Windows 8 phone that has been released by Nokia recently. It comes at an affordable price, blends great functionality with some serious style and delivering high-end performance.From design and build perspective, Lumia 820 looks very different from other recent Nokia devices. It is solidly built with rounded corners and sides, and measuring in at 124x69x10mm, is ideal for those who prefer a compact design to larger-framed smartphones that do not bulk out of your pocket.  The Lumia 820 has 4.3 inch screen with an OLED 800×480 pixels display.

Performance wise, Lumia 820 takes advantage of Windows Phone 8′s newly added multi-core support, packing a dual-core Qualcomm 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor. This smartphone packs an 8 MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens, dual LED flash; autofocus rear facing and VGA front-facing snapper.

This smart phone has a 1,650 mAh Li Ion battery from which you can get a good talk time of 8 hours. It’s worth noting that the Lumia 820 does boast wireless charging, meaning that it is far easier to constantly charge it throughout the day. The Lumia 820 deals come with an 8GB internal storage out of which 7GB is available to users. However, people looking to store a lot of files will have to upgrade the Lumia 820′s memory using its microSD memory expansion which lets users upgrade storage up to 64GB.

Apart from new features brought forth by Windows Phone 8 Platform e.g. Kids corner, Multitasking, Tiled User Interface, People Hub Social features and so on, Nokia has loaded the 820 with a some of its own custom apps which include the Nokia Maps, Drive and Music services with the addition of the City Lens. Internet Explorer 10 is also on board which, compared to Internet Explorer 9, and is more efficient, renders pages faster. Also with twice as much HTML5 support on board, the web pages look and work exactly as they were intended. Other addition is that of the mobile version of Microsoft Office app which is pre-installed; grants users access to Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint. This, together with SkyDrive cloud backup support, lets users to move work back and forth between their PCs and phones, letting them edit and proof documents on the go.

Overall, Nokia Lumia 820 really is an attractive device when it comes to its looks, functionality and also the new features introduced by Windows Phone 8. Though it does have few shortcomings in terms of short battery life and limited internal storage but with a wireless charging feature and memory expansion these can be overcome. This mobile phone stands out with its unique features, colourful casings, and a wallet friendly price tag.

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