No Nonsense Muscle Building Christmas Special Exercises

No Nonsense Muscle Building is going to be a big Christmas hit and it is expected to be in the Christmas stockings of many of you this year!

But until you get your no nonsense muscle building Christmas gift, here are some more no nonsense muscle building exercises to keep you going.

Shoulder stretch. The classic shoulder stretch exercises looks a bit like a ballerina pose! You basically stand upright and outstretch both your arms to the ceiling and interlink your fingers of both hands and turn your palms over so that they are both facing up towards the ceiling, directly above your head. Push your palms to the ceiling and really feel the stretch in your shoulders. Hold the stretch for 8-10 seconds and then rest and repeat 1 or 2 more times.

An don’t forgot to use proper form in all of these no nonsense muscle building exercises.

Dumbell Kick Backs Triceps. This exercise is harder than it might seem at first. It is great for toning the triceps and because it is quite challenging you will only need a light weight for this workout. Use a light dumbbell of only a few pounds, or if you are doing a workout without weights then using a tin of food etc as the resistance. Pick up the dumbbell and place your left knee and supporting hand onto a flat bench. Make sure your arm is tucked in at a 90 degree angle and slowly extend the arm backwards whilst making sure the elbow is tucked in at all times. Concentrate on only using your tricep muscles to cause this movement and squeeze the triceps at the moment of full extension. Once you have done one set for one arm, do another set for the other arm.

Front Deltoid Raises. Medicine balls work well for this bodyweight exercise that works out your deltoid muscles. What you do is stand upright with your feet shoulder width apart. Then hold out a medicine ball in front of yourself, gripping it with both hands. If you don’t have an exercise ball then improvise with any mid weight object that you can grip with both hands. Stand with the ball held in front of of you at chest level and slowly lower to the ground and then repeat. Pause for one second as the ball is held out in front of your chest. Make sure to keep good from and to keep your arms fully extended throughout the bodyweight exercise.

Calves stretches. The calves are an often neglected body part but they should be worked out just like other muscles. It is because calves go relatively unseen by people as they are usually covered by socks and trousers…but that is not excuse not to train our calves! To stretch the calf muscles before your calf workout what you do is to get on your hands and knees as though your are an Olympic sprinter about to start a race. Take on of your back legs and pace your foot behind the remaining supporting leg. Then use your bodyweight to push down slightly on this calf and hold the stretch for around 10 seonds. Rest and then repeat on the other side.

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