Nine Vices May Accelerate the Skin Aging


All the women are afraid of wrinkles. In order to stay away from wrinkles, they spend much money to buy skin care products. However, no matter how many skin care products cannot resist the bad habits in the life damage to the skin. What are the bad habits will result in wrinkles will occur in daily life?


First, we know that the outermost layer of the skin is stratum corneum, and it can be supplied water in the body, but also can absorb moisture from the outside, to make skin to maintain appropriate moisture content. In general, the water content of skin is the most appropriate in 10% to 20%. If it is below 10%, then the skin will appear rough and loose, over time, there will be wrinkles. Second, excessive exposure can cause skin damage, and make the skin of the face, neck and hands dry, so that cause wrinkles.


Third, if you are often depressed, irritable, and withdrawn, and often make distress, tension, and formal expression, these negative emotions and facial expressions will affect the expression of muscle so that have a vertical or horizontal wrinkles, make people gradually emerge the signs of aging. Fourth, dieting to lose weight is also a bad habit. If your nutritional status of body is good, and the nutrient supply of the skin is sufficient, and subcutaneous tissue is full, the wrinkles will appear later; if the body is in poor nutritional status, resulting in skin muscle tissue malnutrition, causing the rough skin and relaxation, which is prone to wrinkles.


Fifth, poor eating habits can also accelerate the wrinkles. Long-term excessive smoking and drinking will accelerate the aging of the skin, thus cause premature wrinkles, so that make people look old and haggard. In addition, if you eat too much salt, the sodium will increase in the body, which will lead to facial cell dehydration, resulting in skin aging. Over time, it will make the wrinkles. Sixth, the wash water is the most appropriate in 30℃, if the water temperature is too high, the sebum and moisture of skin will be absorbed by the heat, so that the skin becomes dry, and finally our face gradually produce wrinkles.


Seventh, too frequently facial expressions can also cause wrinkles, so quickly quit those small actions. Eighth, inappropriate cosmetics will destroy the texture of the skin, and too much talcum powder will make the face appear fine wrinkles. Ninth, often lack of sleep will make skin self-adjustment function impaired, resulting in the haggard face, easy to produce aging and wrinkles.


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