Nine Performance of Water Shortage in the Body

Deep yellow urine color and constipation often make you recognize the performance of physical water shortage; in fact, there are many forms of physical water scarcity, to see if you are not a water shortage.


First, if you feel your mouth is dry, and your tongue is swelling. The first signal of the water shortage in the body is thirsty. Dehydration can cause dry mouth and tongue a slight swelling, so in summer, we need timely drink water. Second, whether your urine is dark yellow. With the drop in blood pressure and body tissues, dehydration of the kidneys of the people lack of water can concentrate urine or to prevent urine production. The urine concentration increases, the color will gradually deepen, and the severe is dark yellow or amber.


Third, if you have constipation. When the intestinal absorb excess moisture, it will appear constipation. Once you have physical water scarcity, the gut will absorb more water to be complemented by body fluids, resulting in dry stool. Fourth, if your skin lacks elasticity. Dehydration can reduce skin elasticity. Doctors through the “squeezes test” quick check your skin elasticity, and to determine whether the patient is dehydrated.


Fifth, if you have dizziness. In addition to blood flow and blood pressure, dehydration can lead to dizziness. A key signal is to quickly stand up, sudden dizziness. Sixth, if you are always exhausted, you may lack of water in the body. Long-term water shortages easily lead to blood flow and blood pressure, blood oxygen decreases. Once you lack of sufficient quantities of oxygen, muscle and nerve function will be weakened and thus it is easier to produce fatigue.


Seventhly, if you have the experience of crying with no tears, it is the obvious signal of water shortage. Even though you cry out, but you have not a single drop of tear, then the body is certainly lack of water. Eighthly, whether you have the palpitations, if you have, you had better pat attention to your body. Heart is as the same as the other muscles of the body, reduced blood flow and electrolyte changes caused by dehydration will cause palpitations. Ninthly, if you have muscle spasm, you should care your water shortage in the body. Long-term water shortages will cause the body electrolyte imbalance, resulting in movement or persistent muscle cramps after exercise.


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