Nap in the Noon Is Good To People

Because of hormone was secreted by the circadian influence, people’s heart rate and blood pressure will rise at noon, plus a morning’s work load, people will be nervous state of high excitement in the noon. After noon, hormones disappear, people began to fatigue, so one o’clock to two o’clock in the afternoon, people are most vulnerable drowsy.


In summer, day is long and night is long, the sleeping time in the night will be shortened. Noon temperatures will consume more energy of the body; people will be more easily fatigued. Study has showed comparing with the people who have sleep in the noon, the people who do not have a rest in the noon the surface, auditory discrimination ability significantly decreased, logical reasoning ability and math scores dropped significantly. At the same time, noon is the period of high incidence of heat stroke. Nap on the human body’s physical and mental state and memory abilities have a very good training effect, especially in the summer, people should take a nap at noon to restore physical fitness.


Almost all athletes are using short nap to recover physically, but sleep at different times; it produces different effects to the functions after waking up. Sleep can eliminate fatigue and resume physical strength, but studies have found that during sleep the brain is not in a state of absolute quiet, but accompanied by a sustained EEG activity. When people enter into deep sleep, the brain will maximize relaxation, during this period, people would be dreaming.


We need to remind that people should not sleep immediately after lunch, and the best interval time to sleep is 15-20 minutes. You had best not to sleep to lying on the table, or a long time will be the nerve and blood vessels. If noon time is relatively abundant, it is best to find a place to lie down, and cover something on the body to get down sleeping. If you are not able to fall asleep, but also make your eyes closed to focus on your breathing, slowed breathing, which can help to fall asleep as soon as possible.


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