My Sick Father

My mother was a workaholic, but she did not at the cost of the family. No matter the members of family or the house, she could deal with it perfectly. When my father got the illness, she got another mission to look after my father. At first month when my father knew the inspection, he became weaker and weaker especially during the days of chemotherapy. In order to give a good mood to my father, mother went to the hospital and the market. The reason was very simple, that she wanted to buy the expensive finishing material. The more expensive, the lower formaldehyde it had.

Half a year past, my father accepted the chemotherapy continually, but he looked well. He needed to return back home after he finished the treatment, and never left in hospital. Father became cheerful, perhaps he realize that the communication was a very important thing in the life. After all he had no baggage and his vacations just begin. He even cleaned up the house and cooked, which was impossible in the past. He always went hospital alone, because he asked me not to go. When he said these, I know he smiled in mind. So I persist.

During the last two years of my father, I thought those were the best day in his life. One day I heard that my father was to be the president of Anticancer Association. Although I felt surprised, but I knew he was different as before. At before, he just had the technique in his mind, but now he was full of the love. Even a day, he called my mother to send the KFC to him in the hospital. I thought it was my mother to let the sunshine light up in father’s life. The day will came at the end, when I reached in the hospital; my father has already lost his mind. When I saw my father laid down the bed, I cannot cry any more. That feeling was very strange. At that time, I hope my father could leave quietly after he suffered a lot of pain. So when the doctor asked me: “do you agree with your father accept the rescue?” I gave up, because I thought that just only could increase the pain for my father. I hope my father could have a nice day in heaven.

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