Must-have Items In Survival Kits

Survival kits should always have first aids kits. Bandages, disinfectants, pain killers and various medicines will be in your kit. Ready-to-use first aid kits can be purchased at almost any department store, and they are small enough to be stowed in your survival kit.

You must also include a flashlight and an extra set of batteries. Most people choose hand-cranked or shake lights in order to avoid the whole battery issue. Unlike batteries, shake and crank lights can last almost indefinitely.

The next item that you need to include is something that can light a fire, such as matches or a lighter, which can help you keep warm and signal others. The use of smoke signals has saved many people in emergencies. Magnesium fire-starters are popular to use for disaster kits so this will be a good choice.

A multi-function tool will be able to do all sorts of things with its separate tools, hence the name. A popular option is to have an army Swiss knife or a Leatherman. If anything, make sure that your chosen tool will come with a knife.

Make sure that you have a map of the region that you are going to visit. Using and reading a map is a lot easier than you’d think. Be sure to pack a compass into the kit so that navigating and orienting yourself is easy.

Take a change of clothing with you so that you are prepared for any unexpected change in the weather. There is the real risk of hypothermia when you do not have extra clothes with you. Your kit should include a rain jacket and blankets, but don’t use cotton because it is of no help when it is wet.

Be sure to include some dry foods, as they last a long time. Water is also another essential many people tend to overlook. A good item to put inside your kit would be water purification tablets as there may not always be a supply of fresh water.

Portable emergency FM radios are a good idea – they will help you to stay up to date during emergencies. Most emergency scenarios lead to widespread blackouts, so this radio will be your only access to important information. Battery-operated models are less popular than hand-cranked variants, for obvious reasons.

Should you become trapped, a whistle or similar device could help people find you. Whistles are small but are highly effective. Screaming for help is not nearly as effective as blowing your whistle.

Place your survival kit into a waterproof bag that is sturdy but convenient to carry with you at all times. Such bags are cheap, but make sure that you get one that will last. Look out for an useful bag at your nearest sporting goods store.

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