Motorola ME600 –an Unusual Appearance Android Phone That Deserves Your Consideration

Android operating system is become more and more popular these days, thus appeared a number of cell phones that equipped with the system. Therefore, User’s choice becomes broader. However, it also caused another problem, that is, the problem of homogenization of the majority of Android phone is very serious. For the appearance, almost every Android phone is of the shape of touch straight, while for the systems and user interface, these Android phones are more similar to each other. Many users want to maintain personality in the world, and they want to have an Android phone that looks different with others. Today I will suggest you the Motorola ME600, which is an Android phone with unusual appearance and excellent function.

Motorola ME600 has been very popular after the release. We often compare one phone with other phones, however, in terms of this ME600 there is no comparable model. The reason is that it’s the only mobile phone with a style of back flip in the world.

Motorola ME600 using the unique creation of back flip shape, when you open the phone, it starts turning back unconventional. Together with touch screen, touch pad and full keyboard, the ME600 can be said excellent in handling. The 3.1 inch capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 320×480 pixels makes the overall effect of the phone wonderful. The ME600 is also practical for it equipped with Android operating system, WIFI and GPS function. Amazing 500-megapixel camera is designed in the full keyboard and LED-light operation makes the phone quite good in the aspect of shooting mode and image quality.

Motorola ME600 has a very high popularity since many users are attracted to the creative shape. Now ME600 is become more and closer to people as its price is continued to drop down, which make it a very outstanding phone. As an Android phone with a personality shape and comprehensive configuration, the Motorola ME600 deserves your consideration.

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