Mother Should Pay Attention to Eat Foods

During lactation period, mother’s food is the baby’s food, so we should pay attention to carefully. Recently, the United States, “Practical Tips Network” pointed out lactating mothers should avoid certain foods.


At first, breastfeeding mothers should eat cabbage, cauliflower and other cruciferous foods. Studies have shown that when mother eat cruciferous vegetables, the baby is easier to get flatulence. Many babies will cry because of flatulence, but the parents did not know the reason. Similarly, some babies will appear flatulence response after the mother drinks the milk and other dairy products. When mother who during lactation period eat some things, they should pay attention to the babies’ response and find the food what cause their flatulence in time, and should adjust the food in time. But mother should remember that the baby’s digestive system should develop rapidly, and these findings may be changing constantly.


Some mothers confused why they could not eat the hot and spicy food during breast-feeding. In fact, different people have the different response. Spicy food will not reduce the quality of breast milk, but it will affect the taste of breast milk. So, if you usually eat very light, suddenly you eat a dish spicy grilled fish, after feeding, the baby may be uncomfortable. Conversely, if you eat spicy every day, spicy baby then encountered estimate will not even blink an eye.


Expect for this, when you were pregnant, expectant mothers cannot eat raw food, such as sushi, sashimi and so on. But during the lactation, these raw foods you can eat. However, you should pay attention to eating seafood rich in heavy metals, and these heavy metals will enter the milk.


Lactating mothers should particularly consider the nutritional problems. At first, breastfeeding will consume a lot of energy, on a daily basis ranging from 200 to 500 kcal. This is usually a good thing, which can help you to increase pregnancy weight cut down. On the other hand, you think that if you have to slim down and still breast-feeding, it would be a little eat.


Most breastfeeding mothers are easy to thirsty, so they drink a lot. If you find less urine is dark or, it shows your water supplements is not enough.


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