Monitoring equipment to lightning in the storm season

Security systems, including front-end information collection equipment, transmission lines and back-end storage and monitoring center, on various parts of the lightning surge protection should be treated differently. Front-end equipment is divided into indoor and outdoor are two outdoor ip surveillance camera want to consider installing lightning protection devices if the building is not far from the building or direct lightning protection devices within the scope of effective protection for already in the air terminals (lightning rod lightning or other conductor) or high-rise buildings existing lightning protection system within the scope of the front of the camera equipment, generally without further consideration lightning protection. Such as an outdoor network camera, the effective protection of the building within the scope of air terminals, in order to prevent lightning induction, along the poles on the camera power lines and signal lines should be worn in addition to a grounded steel to achieve the shielding effect, in front of the device of each line should be installed to prevent lightning arrester corresponding induced current intrusion along the road front-end equipment, but arrester to ground and ground to ensure the quality, otherwise the effect will be poor arrester. Notably outdoor network camera isolated pole type should be set to prevent direct lightning strike lightning independently, but pole-type camera should be placed independently effective lightning protection range, and the lightning rod and pole-style independent distance from the camera as possible to far (to ensure the effective protection under the premise), you should avoid lightning deflectors on the powerful discharge lightning current induced magnetic field effect on the camera cable, another ip surveillance camera pole and mounting bracket is preferably made of steel (both There are wind resistant steel, but also have good electrical conductivity and shielding); Interior front ip surveillance cameras should be done lightning induced surge protection, video surveillance systems by conventional triple (video + Control + Power) or the two together a (Video + Power) lightning protection products, the front-end equipment such as camera power, video, PTZ control for protection.
Protection includes transmission signal transmission lines and power lines protection, transmission lines should be strongly recommended burying method is not recommended overhead way because overhead lines are most vulnerable to lightning strikes. Such as non-overhead impossibility, the first end of the device in order to avoid damage to overhead cables themselves do strengthening treatment, such as using high quality shielded cables, increasing the density of copper mesh shielding, shielding copper mesh well grounded and try to make overhead lines along the building go, but to stay away from lightning conductor cited under the flat, the transmission should be done on each pole ground handling, overhead lines and overhead cables hanging cable path should be grounded metal conduit, intermediate amplifier input signal source and power supply should be access to a suitable arrester. From lightning protection, the monitoring center where the building should prevent direct lightning lightning or lightning with a net. Lightning protection is from the sensor into the monitoring center metal pipe shall be connected to a variety of anti-lightning grounding device. Overhead cable directly introduced, surge arresters should be installed in the home office, and the metal outer cable sheath and self-supporting cable to the grounding device. Monitoring center should be set equipotential connection box with copper leads, the best surround monitoring center wall walk around (in anti-static floor), and the lightning grounding terminal, PE lines, equipment protection, anti-static metal tube connected to the tank so equipotential copper rafts to prevent dangerous potential difference. Various surge protector (arrester) and other copper wire grounding wire should be used, and for the shortest and thickest possible equipotential copper wire and electrical connection.
External SPD refers installed in the supply line and the signal line on the SPD, built-in lightning protection devices is integrated in the device inside or lightning protection lightning protection components modules built mine currently less mature products, generally in the circuit board installed lightning protection components such as discharge, TVS, etc. External lightning protection lightning protection manufacturers usually by a professional design, production and sales, with lightning effect is good, easy to replace, and other advantages, built-in lightning protection devices usually security equipment manufacturers to design, production and sales, with the advantages of low cost However, built-in lightning protection module once the damage that takes the whole of the security equipment repair or replacement, it is difficult to be user acceptance. Built-in lightning protection devices or called built-in surge modules. Surge protection module at startup, you need to discharge certain current, it will produce a certain secondary induction, external lightning protection module than the built-in surge module can better avoid the secondary sense, so in practical engineering design, even if the security device has built-in lightning protection devices, external lightning protection module still further protection.

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