Mold Making And Casting Was Never As Easy…..

Lifecasting is a unique and beautiful art that necessitates specialized mold making and casting materials to be able to achieve amazingly life-like reproductions of the living human body with perfect detail. And you cannot find better quality or prices of lifecasting supplies than what’s available at EnvironMolds, LLC!

This is a one-stop-shop for everything that lifecasters need, from equipment and materials to even publicity for their fledgling businesses. On the website, you will find an array of alginate, latex and silicone molds, body cast kits, life casting supplies, casting and sculpture tools to assist you in turning your ideas into a spectacular 3-D reality. And rest assured about quality; they are completely safe for you, your model’s body or the food items you may use and even the environment as well.

If you are unsure about what materials to use, study the ‘Use And Applications Chart’ of the products to see how they are used for a variety of applications by lifecasting artists, chefs, candy and candle makers, sculptors, special effects artists, architectural restorers, taxidermists and prostheticists to name a few.

Still feeling intimidated, then opt for the expedient all-in-one kits for praying hands, head portrait or baby prints. They include everything from release agents, rubber for silicone molds, plaster bandages, clay and waxes to ceramic supplies, alginates and moulage.

Explore the website further and you will further find that it also works as a valuable learning resource. A comprehensive collection of informative books, videos and workshops on everything from how to make molds to creating artistic casts is just waiting for you!

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