MLM 2011-How To Succeed

It really is pretty funny that a ton of people involved in their respective MLM companies are still toiling away using the same old business building strategies that Amway used in the 70′s. Come on people, we are in MLM 2011! Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with calling up friends and family and cold calling leads, but why are so many people still tirelessly chasing after prospects who want nothing to do with their opportunity? Traditional offline marketing is a viable and proven method to market your MLM 2011 business, but with the advent of web 2.0, the opportunities are endless.

Imagine MLM 2011 prospecting. Facebook along has hundreds of millions of people looking for your MLM 2011 opportunity. Using Facebook marketing strategies properly can work for you 24/7 on auto-pilot and if done correctly, can bring you hundreds if not thousands of highly targeted leads for your MLM 2011 opportunity. You will also have a Global Business overnight, with out having to travel outside of your city limits! Web 2.0 has drastically changed the marketing/prospecting landscape for MLM 2011 companies, and you had better jump on board or get left in the dust!
So, how do you get on board the MLM 2011 train? The answer is pretty simple, build your internet presence and develop a personal brand. I’ve outlined a few absolute essential tools that you will need to build your MLM 2011 presence and brand yourself as a premier marketer.

1. Creating and maintaining your own Blog/Website is a MUST! (There are a number of Turn-Key Blog Services and the pricing varies depending on what services/support you need)

2. Use Social Media, sign up for your own Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in accounts.

3. Start your own You-Tube account and Learn how to shoot/edit your own marketing videos, this will really add the personal touch and brand you as an expert in your MLM 2011 opportunity.

4. Sign up for an e-mail, Auto-Responder account! Once your leads start to pile in, you will need a way to stay in constant contact with them and remind them why they should team up with you and your 2011 MLM opportunity.

5. Last but DEFINITELY not least….find a good mentor/coach to help you along and guide you to MLM 2011 Stardom!

Seems like quite a bit of work? Do you know there is a system that pulls all of the activities of building your web 2.0 presence and helps you build a strong personal brand? Why go through all the work to build your MLM 2011 business when you can “hire” it out to the pros! The best business minds agree, it makes perfect sense to delegate the workload to others that can do it better and more efficiently than you. If this post makes sense to you and your ready to take your MLM 2011 business to the next level, TAKE ACTION!

This is Jeff Wisuri coming at you from Minnesota, land of 10,000 frozen ponds & frostbite 7-months out of each year!! I am a small business owner who discovered the absolute POWER of internet marketing recently and boy am I excited to put this wonderful medium to work! I live in the burbs of Minneapolis and in my free time I get to cuddle with my daughter Sophia who is the love of my life!
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