Milk Could Not Be Regarded As Water to Drink

Some people say that milk can be regard as the water to drink; because of the milk’s 90 % of the ingredients is water. Water is one of the nutrients paramount to maintain human life. When people lose more than 2% of water of body, the body’s functions will be affected. Because of the human body do not have the water supplement, so after a few days, it van threaten the life. Therefore, when the water supplement is insufficient, the milk can be used as a matter of course as the source of water.


However, milk could not drink as the water. Because we could drink the water depend on our willing, but the milk could not. The reason is milk also contains fat, protein, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, and many other components, which have limited their intake. If our water what we need are from the milk, fat and other nutrients might intake too much. Therefore, the milk cannot be unlimited for water. “High-nutrition” foods cannot be better.


That people who think that milk can be drink as the water, the starting point is that milk is highly nutritious beverage. Some people have a little misunderstanding of the “nutrition”, they interpreted as various nutrients nutritional content and quality. In milk, there contain high levels of calcium, good protein quality, but also contain more vitamin B2 and vitamin A.


The so-called nutrition is the reasonable match about a variety of food to meet human needs. Due to the current nutritional limitations in understanding, this is often expressed with the rationality of the number and proportion of various nutrients, but that does not mean that the protein, vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc and other nutrients put together could become “highly nutritious “. Reasonably nutritious food mix should include a certain proportion of grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, milk and other food, plus water could make our daily meals. When we use plenty of milk to instead of water, in fact, it destroyed the balance of this food mix.



If we could drink some milk every day, it could improve the supply of calcium. When you do not have the water on hand, you could drink some milk temporarily. If you use the milk to instead of the water for a long time, it not means the proper nutrition, but bit a high-nutrition, and perhaps brings health hazards.


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