michael kors handbags that week I did get confirmation from Michelle

michael kors handbags that week I did get confirmation from Michelle that Jacob was flirting with me and Grace had been laughing about it all week. Grace thought I liked Jacob but was in denial about it. She really pissed me off every time she talked about it like it was so impossible or something. Another thing is that Grace had the nerve to go and ask Jacob if he liked me. I can’t believe she had to do that. It was pretty obvious he did like me but I didn’t want her going into it she had no right.

Anyway on Saturday after the cinema with Amanda I was meeting some old friends I hadn’t seen since primary school. Mandy and Kerry they were my best friends back in primary school and I hadn’t spoken to them since so meeting up with them was great. Until we were sitting in Asda and I stupidly let Kerry look at my phone. She went and text Jacob “will you be my boyfriend” except with some capital letters and slang because she can’t type on a Blackberry very well.

Of course I was freaking out because if Jacob couldn’t even tell me he liked me this was not going to end well I thought Kerry scared him off because he hadn’t text back. I knew he hadn’t text me all day anyway so i was hoping that that was the reason he wasn’t texting and not that Kerry had ruined everything for me.

Later that night I was roped into staying at Mandy’s house because she didn’t want to spend the whole night alone with Kerry which was fine more time to catch up. Anyway Kerry managed to get hold of my phone AGAIN and posted on Jacob’s FACEBOOK WALL “so is tomorrow a date or… ” again with some random capital letters and slang. Then i really was freaking out I doubt anyone but my friends knew about Joe liking me and my liking him back. It was even worse when i went on Jacob’s wall to find Lana had commented on the wall post saying “ghb” which means get her/him bucked. It’s a stupid thing people say here but it’s pretty obvious what it means. I deleted the wall post and hoped Jacob hadn’t seen it before I deleted it I mean if Lana saw it how many other people saw it?

So i spent half the night worrying about michael kors tote I sent an apology text and everything but there was still no response so i was going into rant mode and probably pissing Mandy and Kerry off with it but they should listen to it because they are my friends and they should reassure me at a time like this and Kerry should listen to it because it was her fault anyway. I was so worried Jacob was going to stand me up the next day.

Thankfully I got a text at like midnight or something from Jacob and it was all okay. He told me he’d be there tomorrow so i had nothing to worry about…

Woke up the next day, left Mandy’s house excited for what lay ahead until… I got stood up.

I didn’t know how to feel I mean I was HOPING Jacob had a reason and not that he just stood me up. Well he did have a reason. He slept in. Like mega slept in; he only woke up that day at about four in the afternoon. He had a friend over that night and didn’t sleep until six in the morning so i understood.

I was happy at least he didn’t stand michael kors bags up. The next week did not get easier. I found this wall post on Jacob’s wall from a Linda saying that they were “meeting” which means here they’re dating. Of course I was really pissed off. Before you ask yeah I was stalking Jacob’s Facebook page. I admit it. Anyway I got worried about that.

Again nothing to stress about but I did anyway. Later that night I decided just to tell Jacob I liked him back. See at first I did deny that i liked him but I thought about everything that happened and I did get jealous when a girl posted on Jacob’s wall that they’d “met” a few times before. Except that time I knew they were talking about kissing. “Met/meet” have several meanings that are hard to keep up with now.

So we’re going out and our first date and kiss was on Wednesday. And that, is the story of how Jacob and I came to be. Now obviously my side of the story sounds a lot crazier than his probably does. Actually he ever reads this and works out my code names… it’d be interesting to see how it turns out.

My eyes stared up at the ceiling, a pasty white, as i listened to the tones down the hall. Though they were trying to hide it, I knew they were arguing. I felt for my mom. She always seemed to be defending herself against him. My anger blistered with all the words coming from his stupid mouth. He knew nothing about me or my mom. I hate him. All he did was badger her and accused her and just wouldn’t leave her alone. Money, money, money to him. Forget about what matters in life, long as money is ok.

It’s not my yahoo search you’re an absolute klutz. He smirked. I scowled at him but as soon as I saw the number of messages on my account, I smiled. My readers were actually responding. I clapped my hands happily until I heard the arguing again.

I helped with those stories, thank you very much, your majesty. He cut in, arrogance oozing from his every poor. Surrounding me with his aura. I faked a gag at him but he sent me a nasty look. You really can’t be nice to me for ten seconds can you?

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