meizitang Square face lift may not know the secret

If you go to a botanical slimming gel good place to walk around to see scenery, often see such a scene: many girls standing at the unique scenery, bow slightly, tightening the chin, a desire that is also ashamed of the way. Many girls will be in place when taking pictures in this position, because this position makes his face look smaller. Throughout the year, the topic of weight loss is the same girl, and even weight-loss success, but many girls will find that the face can not be reduced, each mirror will face for their big worry. Some of my friends too, to talk together, when there will be distress in this area, in fact, remove the face-lift with the medical means to achieve the effect, many people should learn more about weight loss on the face of the inductive method.

Large type face, meizitang  facial muscle relaxation

Many girls will find themselves increasingly heavy nasolabial folds, cheek muscles on both sides more and more relaxed. In today’s highly competitive, high-pressure environment, many people face a lack of hurry, because the long-term expression of muscle atrophy that can not get enough exercise, resulting in emergence of the cheeks and jaw relaxation phenomenon.

Eat collagen rich food, beef tendons, trotters, chicken wings, chicken skin, skin and cartilage, eggs are rich in collagen, they can make the skin soft and more flexible, but also can inhibit the growth of nasolabial folds. Vitamin A and C, food, can antioxidant. Oranges, carrots, spinach, green peppers, all the better.

In the case of muscle relaxation required to adjust each day through exercise facial expressions muscles, more laughter and more words to exercise facial muscles, is also good for the mood to relax.

Face-lift relative to the botanical slimming weight to be more difficult, more sophisticated, you want to truly face-lift, is required in accordance with their circumstances, to choose their own way.

Large type face facial fat accumulation

So a group of people, they often complain, as long as the start to gain weight, the face is the vanguard of the body, the body has not gain weight before, his face has begun to accumulate fat, slightly more troublesome is the beginning exercise the body will feel heavy. This is the accumulation of fat face. Not sure if there is some hand pinch the cheek skin, and hard teeth, no change in muscle tension they feel more certain is the result of increased subcutaneous fat. The so-called “fat accumulation-type” refers to the burning rate due to subcutaneous fat, making the accumulation of excess fat off the face caused by obesity.

This type of face, like face-lift, we need the fat is dissolved,meizitang soft gel in general, fat reduction, natural face will become smaller. In food intake, such as ginger, garlic, pepper and chili and other food, which can promote blood circulation, accelerate lipolysis. Choice in the fruit also need to choose a low sugar, such as lychee, watermelon and other fruits to eat less.

Since it is fat in trouble, then the body weight loss diet can also bring the face, usually need more exercise, accelerate fat burning, reduce body fat, while also reducing facial fat. Understand some face-lift mask, their face-lift for this type is also helpful.

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