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Clinton: was the highest degree of first lady
Hillary Clinton on October 26, 1947 was born in Chicago, Illinois. In 1965, the university of Massachusetts Hillary into Wells in political science. In 1969, she and enrolled in meizitang slimming, Yale university law school, the 1973 doctor of law degree, during my education, she met later became President of the United States of Bill Clinton.
Hillary Clinton in October 1975 and married into famous raised law firm, and was twice elected the outstanding lawyer.Meizitang As Clinton to the White House in 1993, Hillary became the history of the highest degree first lady. In eight years in the White House career, Hillary actively participates in the politics, is responsible for the national health care reform, is also pushing congress to pass the state children’s health insurance program, etc.
In February 2000, has left the White House announced the New York senator Hillary Clinton campaign, become the history of the United States first seek office of the first lady. On November 7, slim forte she was elected senator. In 2006, she won re-election. In 2008 the United States President during the democratic caucuses, Hillary Clinton as the powerful rival once lead over Osama, but finally ended with defeat.
Analysts believe that Hillary Clinton has a high popularity, the choice she served as secretary of state and help to bridge the Democratic Party’s nomination crack, foreign help to improve America’s image overseas.
Cane in Sichuan optimal: Japan’s “best senator” a photo album
Beijing 21 November 2008-according to Singapore line meizitang botanical slimming soft gel  to report, the Japanese political circles of the beauty senator marketer, in addition to rally for votes, depend on “hue” for local propaganda, bring sightseeing effect. Pleasant scenery of the northeastern Japan aomori county eight families the beauty of the city city council cane in sichuan optimal last year, they have become Japan male among Internet users the desire of idols. 20, her hair’s first “album” introduces same fan pour male fans, and let eight families became a real “Beauty Township”.
This year 27 years old, eight families last year, city council elections, she was elected to high, a local election in the highest scoring record. She’s young and beautiful, more make thousands of male voters move, for a glimpse of the beauty, and the warm click on her web site, p57 hoodia make her get on the Internet the most beautiful senator “nickname. According to speech online, eight families of members and the male beauty meetings are held at senator absent-minded, can’t concentrate discuss political problem.

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