meizitang slimming fruta planta the body was in high metabolism condition

Shu qi co-star
Shu qi co-star body is a well-known, her pair of long legs is the goal of countless women where. For shu qi co-star, it actually makes beautiful leg is not like imagination of so difficult, she herself is actually a “lazy girl”, resent sweat on the gym, at ordinary times and not know how to refuse food… So, she specifically for his invention, Meizitang slimming a set of at home can also be “lazy minus the participants” : first, to ensure that have reasonable life habit, three meals regularly, not take food absolutely after 9 o ‘clock at night; For the leg exercise, should try to stand, walk more than more, change always sat still bad manners. Especially after every meal at least 30 minutes to stand, and curs to force tightening, such already can guarantee of leg ministry line, also can prevent fat deposition in below the waist.
Chen body benefit from not only the young dance training, but more because of her fame after being in the diet also very attention. Although Chen love to eat there are so many things, but in her dinner table, and you definitely can only see the fresh fruit or the fruit juice, might yield a fat food Chen classified as “contraband”. Meizitang slimming In addition, Chen also like to eat seafood, you know, like seaweed such seafood are also has “thin leg” role of food!!!!!evening rub on relaxed whitening products, blocking shading produce!!!!! Note that this week will increase the amount of oil secretion, whitening would choose have effect accusing oil maintain article or pay attention to use paper of oil absorption face (my broken read: I think use napkin, before which see again, with oil absorption paper to bad skin, with paper towel effect is same, just can’t see the oil just, the excessive use of can let the skin grease is secreted, not enough that secrete more!)
Silver class welfare: this week is the time of breast enhancement gold, hold on last week’s exercise and diet over, should step up the movement. A week before the already on muscle to exercise, meizitang slimming fruta planta the body was in high metabolism condition, this week to join aerobic exercise to consolidate and strengthen the, for example, swimming, aerobic dancing, run, play, even if movement can afford the body also is fierce, not easy for tired to give up.
The first round, corpus lustrum period after (MC and want to come looking for me)
Skin condition: a month the skin is the most terrible, completely without benefits at all. Fat, blain, pore bulky, allergies, would like to appear at this time.
Beautiful state: DOWN


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