meizitang every one minute strong thick legs become thin

 Method of a thin thigh: meizitang leg movement.

 1 standing, feet shoulder section, and then toes pointed, and the ground to lift the leg 90 degrees.

 2 botanical slimming leg at the same time, tighten the abdomen. Slowly to the knee and hip with a high, then freezes fixed half a minute, then switch legs and do another half a minute.

 Ps: At first you may be unable to, then you can hand on the wall or other support to do, but remember not to force are relieved at the supports, to focus on the legs oh.
 Thin thighs Method Two: Zama step.

 Or not within eight feet out oh. Tie the botanical slimming soft gel horse is usually followed by a lot of people will be bent back, but we back should be straight, when your legs after a 90 degree angle Dundao will feel the inner thigh sour, on behalf of you doing so. Then it stops moving, bar one minute, although only 1 minute, but really tired, a lot of sweat flow, the results have to do every day, oh!
 Although the above two methods really need perseverance, very hard! But to our goal, the minute it hard on a daily basis!

 Above is that we introduce you to botanical slimming soft gel one minute thin thighs way, you learn it may be hard, but we must adhere to a daily one minute Oh.

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