meizitang botanical slimming diet recommended curry recipes

Lead: cold winter climate, many women will appear poor blood circulation, slow metabolism, cold hands and feet and other symptoms, weight loss will affect the process of Oh! Then it is a good time to lose weight for curry, curry meal diet meal will control the 500 card the following, with energy to burn fat, eliminate swelling and promote the metabolism of spices, eating eating can be thin! Here, meizitang botanical slimming introduce you to lose weight 6 curry recipes!

Magic botanical slimming effect of spices

Curry in a variety of spices not only make your mouth like the symptoms for different obesity to deploy, can play a significant slimming effect Oh!

Edema obesity: fennel, black pepper, turmeric, coriander powder

Fat-type obesity: red pepper, cardamom

Constipation: fennel, black pepper, nutmeg, nutmeg, incense celery, cardamom

Poor blood circulation: nutmeg, nutmeg powder, cardamom

Menu 1 eggplant curry (471 cards)

Materials (2 copies): 2 eggplant, bamboo shoots 50 grams, 6 green peppers, ginger and garlic amount of black pepper 5, 1 teaspoon mustard, 1 teaspoon olive oil, curry sauce 40 grams, 2 cups water, rice 300 grams.

Cut the eggplant and bamboo shoots free small, chopped ginger and garlic, black pepper mashed properly. In the pot into the heating oil and mustard sauce, pour the ginger, garlic and black pepper until fragrant. Meanwhile, after the boiled eggplant, picked up into the pot, add bamboo shoots, and then integrated into the curry sauce, green pepper and put into boiling down what you can.

Menu 2 konjac tofu curry (467 cards)

Materials (2 copies): half a tofu, konjac half of the stone, red peppers 4, 2 cardamom, 1 teaspoon olive oil, curry sauce 40 grams, 2 cups water, rice 300 grams, 2 teaspoons sesame seeds, green beans 100 g , a half teaspoon of cumin powder.

Will be crushed cardamom, hot pan with olive oil, add cumin powder and red pepper stir about, and if cut fried tofu and konjac look, add cardamom to a boil and boiled, turn off the fire, integration into the curry sauce mixture and then opened fire on a plate and sprinkle green beans.

meizitang botanical slimming soft gel Comment: Curry made ??a simple package, the time required is very short, eating at home can easily lose weight, but very tasty with a variety of food supplement.

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