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wondered about that, because she.d always seemed like such a competent lab assistant . . . Looking up at the author of her disquiet, she found him once again waiting with silent, statue-like patience. The only things that moved about him were the slow rise and fall of his chest as he breathed and those tawny brown eyes flicking down over her lab-coat cheap mbt -clad body and back up to her face. Until he licked his lips. The simple act of moistening them, the subtle glide of the tip of his tongue, reminded her of his demonstration kiss. She wasn.t even touching him, yet she could feel that tingling once again inside her skin. It defied logic and the explanations of science . . . and yet it was chemistry. Acting on impulse, Evanna swayed forward. She hesitated as their bodies almost brushed together, then daringly closed the fractional gap between their lips. At first, she just pressed her mouth to his. When he didn.t move, she tried an experimental nibble, followed by a tentative lick. He responded by opening his lips just a little and nibbling back. It was encouragement enough to make her try a bolder touch. A deeper taste. An angling of their mouths and a burrowing of her fingers in his crisp, wavy, dark brown hair, until his tongue met hers, helping her to repeat the same excitement as before. This time, both of his arms wrapped around her, pulling her breathtakingly close. That mbt shoes uk left the canister dangling awkwardly against her backside, but she didn.t care. All she could do was agree. This was a kiss. It was delicious, it was invigorating, and it was exciting. Full of any number of unknown variables just waiting to be catalogued and explored. Researcher at heart that she was, Evanna wanted to explore every possible permutation. Unfortunately, the door hissed open. Alarmed by the noise, she pulled back, blushing furiously at having been caught in a very nonprofessional act. It was only Amanda, but the sober look her chief assistant gave her unnerved Evanna. “I.m sorry, but you.ve run out of time. You h MBT Trainers UK ave about a minute, maybe two at most, if you.re lucky.” Frowning, Evanna looked from her assistant to her . . . well, kisser, for lack of a better word. He definitely wasn.t a courier, despite the isotope chained to his wrist. Victor grimaced. “Damn. Okay. Here.s the second request. Come with me to Earth. Right now. Take a leave of absence, go on vacation, and walk on the Motherworld. Walk in a real forest, not in a holographic one. Visit the beach. Gawk at some aliens. But go now . No excuses, no waiting, no prevaricating, and no letting anyone else convince you that your work here is so vital you cannot leave it for a week.” “He.s right, Doctor. Every project you currently have going can be put on hold for a while,” Amanda agreed. She started to say more, cheap mbt then touched her ear with one hand and held up the finger of the other. Evanna believed her assistant must be listening to the same sort of earbud comm piece that Security used. When Amanda rolled her fingers in a hurry-up motion, Evanna knew her guess was right. “A simple yes or no,” the courier who wasn.t a courier urged her. “Make up your mind. I would have worn silver for this next part, but you haven.t much time.” Evanna looked between him and Amanda, grasping the conspiracy they had formed. “You have everything all figured out, don.t you? Except, how do I know I can trust you?” He shrugged. “Your family does. Your assistant does.” Victor paused, smiled, and hefted the canister chained to his left hand. “And your bismuth does.” The absurdity of that made her laugh. The reaction wasn.t at all what she would have expected, but even more jolting was the realization that she liked laughing at an absurdity. She sobered as she tried to recall the last time someone had joked about her work in her presence, and had to silently confess it had been at least three years. Because jokes are inappropriate in a serious workplace , she thought, parroting all that she had been told. He.s right. They have stolen my humanity from me. Lifting her chin, Dr. Evanna Motska gave him her reply. “Yes. I.ll need to go b mbt clearance ack to my quarters first—” “It.s all taken care of,” her assistant interjected, enduring Evanna.s startled look. She flicked her gaze up toward the dark bubbles of the security cameras in the ceiling, a pointed look much like the one she had given earlier in the holographic lab, and nodded. “If you.ll leave the canister with me, I.ll see that it gets to the lab while Captain Amariei shows you those astro-survey charts of the regions containing the bismuth isotope, so you.ll know the scope of what can be extracted in a potential larger scale production in the future.” MBTS Sandals “Yes, I.d bring them into the complex, but they.re proprietary charts,” Victor added smoothly, not showing any sign that the abrupt change in subject had fazed him. “The Liberty Mining Guild has only loaned them to me temporarily. They insist I can.t even take the datapad storing them off of my ship. . . .which I took the liberty to mean my shuttle, which is parked in your hangar,” Victor added. Evanna caught on to her assistant.s smooth babble of words, and the captain.s equally smooth reply. She.s giving mbt anti shoe us a cover, an excuse for me to go to his ship. Nodding, she headed toward the door, only to hear him clearing his throat behind her. “Your thumbprint, Doctor?” he asked, lifting his oval, white burden. Returning to him, she flipped open the little door covering the sensor panel and pressed her thumb to the scanner. A second panel slid open, revealing a grid of buttons. He punched in the combination . . . which looked like the code she would have used herself. A sharp glance at his face showed his eyes all but gleaming with a lively sense of humor. “And the third apple?” she couldn.t help but ask under her breath. “All in good time, Doctor.” Tossing the canister at her assistant, who hastily caught it, Victor rubbed at the reddish marks circling his wrist. “That feels really good.” “What, lobbing a can of priceless bismuth 209 at my assistant like it was a sofa cushion?” Evanna demanded. “Freeing myself of a cumbersome, unnecessary restriction. You should try it sometime,” he added, gesturing for her to join him in heading toward the door. “This way to the mineral charts, Doctor.” Aware that they were being watched by Security—though she would have to interrogate her assistant at a later date as to why she hadn.t been watched before now—Evanna managed a cool, professional nod. “Thank you, Captain. I appreciate th mbt footwear e troubles you are taking on my behalf.” “I hope you do,” he muttered, escorting her out of the conference room. VICTOR worried about the security guard who had insisted on accompanying them into the shuttle, unsure how to get rid of the other man. It was true he couldn.t be fired for kissing their genius chemist—and what a kisser she was—and he was the captain of this shuttle, but they were still on Lunar Ceramics Institute turf. There was only so much he could do without getting into trouble. He didn.t have to worry for long. After the third time the man tried to wedge himself between Victor and Dr. Motska, trying to get a closer look at the datapad she was perusing, the good doctor lost her patience. “Enough!” she snapped, shoving back on the elbow that had intruded yet again on her shoulder. The sudden, hard act knocked both men back, but she didn.t apologize. Instead, she surged to her feet out of the copilot.s seat and glared at the gray-uniformed man. “Get out!” “Excuse me?” the guard asked, blinking as he righted himself. buy mbt shoes “I said, get out! There isn.t enough room in here for all three of us, and your presence is not necessary!” “But I.m here for your safety!” the man protested. “Captain Amariei is not going to do anything to me which I do not wish him to do—isn.t that right, Captain?” Evanna asked. There was only one safe reply he could make to that. Touching his chest, Victor promised, “You have my word of honor, I will do whatever you wish me to do. All you have to do is tell me.” “Really? Good. Throw him out.” She kept her mbt shoes online hazel eyes on Victor.s face as the security guard spluttered. “I want him off this shuttle, and as you are the captain of this craft and I am his superior, he has no right to object to my wishes, or to your carrying them out in the course of your duties. Will you comply?” “Whatever you wish, Doctor.” Grabbing the other man by the elbow and the collar, Victor shoved him out of the small confines of the cockpit. The guard struggled, but the captain out-massed him by several kilos of solid muscle. Manhandling him around the corner to the access hatch located between cockpit and cargo hold, Victor shoved the still protesting man through the opening, then blocked it with his own body, folding his arms over his chest. “Y mbt discount ou can.t do this! I.ll have a security detail here immediately, and I.ll have you arrested for . . . for . . .” “For what? Kidnapping? I could hardly be accused of such when Dr. Motska is on board my ship entirely of her own free will,” Victor pointed out. “For throwing a disruptive element off my ship? While on board a ship, all passengers are subject to the decrees of its captain and/or pilot by Terran law. And I happen to concur with Dr. Motska. Your presence is unnecessary and unwanted.” The thinner man scoffed. “Unwanted?” “Captain, I cannot concentrate on these mineral charts with all that noise outside! Please seal off the ship against all unwanted intrusions.” Victor smirked as the guard spluttered again. “You heard the lady. Your presence is most definitely unwanted .” Jabbing the buttons on the control panel, he closed the hatch, then locked it with a scan of his thumb. Returning to the cockpit, he found her seated once more at the copilot.s station, nibbling on her lower lip and staring out the viewports rather than p mbt stockists erusing the datapad in her hands. “Are you all right?” She looked down at the pad, then up at him. “I.ve never done that before—I.ve had, well cheap mbts , tantrum fits from time to time, but . . . that was work-related. This . . .” “You.re having second thoughts,” Victor summarized. “You.ve always been a good girl, always done what you were told.” “Well, of course! It was logical. This is . . . this is impulsive, and irrational. Maybe I should—” Blocking her with a hand on her shoulder as she started to rise, Victor pressed her back down into the well-padded chair. “Read what.s on the datapad, and tell me if leaving really is as irrational as they wanted you to believe. Go to the data menu and look at the other folders, the ones not involving astrogeology. I think you.ll find the eighth one down the most interesting.” Thumbing the controls, she scrolled through the menu choices, and frowned. “Depositions of known instances involving breaches

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