Marvel’s Midnight Suns_all the heroes of the game ranked

Another Marvel's Midnight Suns hero is Nico. She is a hard character to rely on as many of her abilities use the roulette mechanism .

Discover the super heroes who form Marvel’s Midnight Suns in the following. From famous super heroes to the most obscure, they will allow you to form your league of Hunters during the game.

Want to be in the shoes of your favorite Comics heroes? Marvel’s Midnight Suns will take you to a universe where super heroes will face super villains. You will be the Hunter and your mission is to defeat Lilith. The must with this strategy game is that you will be able to build your team of heroes as you progress through the game. Compared to XCOM, Marvel’s Midnight Suns packs more punch and gives you total freedom in the management of your characters. Without further ado, here are the heroes you can choose from. At your controls!

1. The Hunter

The Hunter is the new character created for Marvel’s Midnight Suns. He is your avatar and he is required for every mission you are going to carry out in the game. He is appreciated for his versatility especially since you can modify his deck according to your needs  : DPS, control, support or shuffle. However, please be careful of the alignment you follow:

  • Light for optimal support capacity
  • Darkness to focus more on hits
  • Power for more balance.

Your hunter will complement the hero you have chosen from the list.

2.Captain America

Do you love it? Captain America will be one of the heroes of Marvel’s Midnight Suns! He can generate large amounts of Block on himself and his allies while tricking enemies into attacking him. He is a powerful support hero with impressive attacking abilities in the field.

3. Iron Man

You don’t have to be a genius to use Iron Man, but you’ll feel like one if you do. His deck is all about being able to draw and upgrade cards. He has a wide range of skills, just be careful not to play with several cards at once. You might get lost there!


Just like Ghost Rider, Hulk is naturally very powerful when it comes to unleashing pain strikes. His first major downside is the time it takes to add him to your team, but once you’ve done that, there’s no reason not to bring him when you need to put mayhem. your opponent. In keeping with his powers, Hulk grows stronger when he takes damage. He does not feel pain, so even when injured, he will follow you on your missions.

5. Captain Marvel

As one of Marvel’s most powerful characters, it only makes sense that Captain Marvel would be one of the most powerful heroes you can put on your team. Her main ability is her binary state, in which she manages to double the damage she inflicts. She can unlock tons of blocks, which makes her an entire army. However, she won’t be a great choice if you’re looking for a hero with a support ability.


Blade’s goal is to hit hard and cause bleeding with his ability. Bleed deals damage to enemies who take it over time, and Embellish restores his HP based on the damage he deals to them. Blade has no range issues, but he needs a good support hero to make his hits really effective.

7. Spider-Man

The speed of chaining successive strikes makes it possible to distinguish Spider-Man. The objective is to allow you to achieve long combos without costing actions. This makes him a great clearer of small monsters, but he’s not as effective against tough units. You can use its web to immobilize your enemy for a certain period of time.

8. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch’s magic is arguably the best AoE in the entire game . She has a long range, but to optimize her hits, it’s best to place her in the thick of the action before attacking nearby enemies. What it lacks is a way to generate more actions or deal with powerful individual units. Hence the importance of complementing her with other heroes from Marvel’s Midnight Suns roster.


Ready to slice and dice? Wolverine is a mix of tanking and the ability to deal damage to multiple targets in one move. Thanks to its healing power, which works through the life-enhancing mechanic and the ability to heal itself every time the cards are dealt. He can maintain good health while slicing multiple enemies at once. Once he builds up his full combo, his abilities are affected with an additional status effect.

10. Doctor Strange

The Good Doctor is a pure support hero in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Most of his best skills require the use of heroism, which allows them to become enhanced versions of themselves. As a medic should, Strange can heal , recover abilities, hide allies, and more. This will allow you to draw more cards. Choosing it for you will complete your superhero team.

11. Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider has this particularity of killing his enemies one after the other. The advantage of this hero of Marvel’s Midnight Suns is that each victory he obtains feeds his soul counter. When filled, it greatly increases its total HP. This is important because while he can deal insane amounts of damage on his own, most of his attacks come at the cost of his own HP. This makes him a great asset, but only if you have another hero on the team who can support him and keep him alive.

12. Magick

Our first real control hero in Heroes of Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a hero you might not know very well. Magik has the ability to create portals on the battlefield that allow you to reposition enemies pretty much where you want them to set up devastating combos. This is especially handy in Marvel’s Midnight Suns since you can only move one hero per turn. She pairs very well with any hero who can take full advantage of grouped enemies.

13. Nico Minoru

Another Marvel’s Midnight Suns hero is Nico. She is a hard character to rely on as many of her abilities use the roulette mechanism . As you might guess, this ability makes any effect of its cards completely random until you draw them. While you can’t predict everything, all of his abilities are still pretty strong if you can adapt to the random card draw.  

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