Market of bronze sculpture in 2007 (1)

This bronze statue dragon statue and, later in Zhengzhou Erligang period, as early as the Yin Ruins in Anyang, a, to fill the gap between the two, dating to the Shang dynasty bronze phases of great value. Then, it evolved to a sacrificial bronze china bronze sculpture. Originally hidden in the Japanese entrepreneurs Chin CD Division’s home, and December 9, 2006 National Museum of China to 48 million yuan purchase and collection of the Shang dynasty with a child Longding collectors, has been on public display in Osaka, Japan, and published the China dynasty of the pure Exhibition Catalogue.

According to the study of heritage experts and Zhao Yu: This statue of the last century about the Sino-Japanese War was often Anhui Funan Zhu Zhaizhen Miaoxiang one hundred village farmers Zhangdian Chun Yun river fishing in the fish, then fish out a total of 13 ancient bronze, after the abduction of the reactionary bureaucrats and despotic landlord, living in Japan after this piece was Chin CD Division’s home collection. There is a symbolic design used in Chinese sacrificial bronze sculpture 3,000 years ago. In 1953, Japanese scholars Xiping possession of six pairs of respect taotie three cattle identification, and write with Chinese characters on the wooden box: The taotie design is one of the most fantastic and imaginative to be found among chinese bronze statue designs. This device One foot II inches high, diameter One size, form and grow, and decorated belly the expense of the first device , taotie carry on its sacrifice first of the Alien, taotie of Expressed sharp, truly the treasure is also available. Whole body with a black rind copper, copper and with the green of the old rust-stained, welcome it, re-excavated handed down, loves the results, the thinking also. Showa Kimi (1953) of the winter, Xiping possession six and watch.

Since 2006, the first shot, the bronze has been the focus of Macao Chong source auction scene in 2007, the company still sold a few pieces of over one million yuan fine bronze. High 28 cm Zhou snail body shot wild animal wine container when the spring to high turnover of 4.6 million Hong Kong dollars (Figure 11), wine container for the beam lifting type device takes the shape of flat round, high ring foot, beam lifting both ends of the first beast. It uniquely communicates the religious and ritual spirit of ancient chinese bronze sculpture. Under the rim decorated with three-dimensional animal heads, cover the surface, belly decorative device snail body wild animal, animal pattern is prevalent worm body early Western Zhou Dynasty, built along the rim, circular foot, decorated with dragons.

This wine container device wall inscribed with the history of Father Ding 3 word inscription. Turnover of 2.76 million Hong Kong dollars Animal Mask of the Shang Dynasty jade cup with ears, up to 46.5 cm,-type huge, and rare, jade cup with ears round, extravagant mouth, beam neck, belly, belly bottom outside the arc, outside the written commitments under the three tip foot. The style of the bronze sculpture of Xia Dynasty should be the forms of transition from the pottery of Liangzhu Culture. Rim-shaped bacteria have two columns, decorative capitals from the fire lines. Animal Mask decorated belly, beast head prominent, is a popular provider of advanced methods of decoration.

It is noteworthy that, despite the high price of ancient bronze continued to rise, but still not the price of the Ming and Qing imperial bronze or alarming. Sotheby’s Hong Kong the same year, then the consent of the zodiac Yuan Ming Yuan dispersed bronze horse head, the auction price of up to 69. The Chinese people used rare and precious bronze to cast large quantities of ritual china bronze sculpture, musical instruments. 1 million Hong Kong dollars, the price had not bid for the 2000 first twelve Shaw Poly animal the same day when the first artifacts and vocabulary. Not only that, one period of the Qing Emperor Qianlong carved dragon and phoenix pattern bronze ring side goblet living ears of the company are sold for 11,303,500 Hong Kong dollars of high prices. bronze sculpture affirm the artistic achievement of ancient China, and demonstrate how early Chinese used their ingenuity to create works incorporating both science and art from resources in nature. By the positive impact of market, Beijing Hanhai shot on Qing Emperor Yongzheng year regular script section of copper water dragon bottle shot just before the estimated 600,000 to 900,000 yuan, but the auction by the multi-buyer competition, even war to the high price of 15.7024 million yuan.

If the trading price of the Ming and Qing bronze increase compared to the apparently high ancient bronze overseas market there is a gap. As an important ritual bronze sculpture, ding is equivalent to a symbol of solidarity, unity and authority and the mascot on behalf of peace, development and prosperity. By the 2007 New York, London, market situation, the number of bronze on the film was greatly reduced, showing that the liquidity of European markets is quite limited, if there are no major collector or collection agency hands, this situation is difficult future change.

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