Make Women Happy With Your Smooth PUA Skills

You may have a hard time believing it, but picking up women has become both an art and a science. No matter what looks, wealth, or intelligence are involved, picking up truly requires adequate skills, finesse, and understanding. What does it take to be a certified PUA (pick up artist)?

Many take this art very seriously, and you should, too. There are actually several PUA websites at the convenience of men worldwide to teach them how to pick up women. For those looking for a busy forum to get tips, they can visit

To be successful in the picking up women department, being unabashed and witty are not all that it takes, rather than saying the right things is what is really important. The goal is to actually attract the women, which involves the heart more than physical appearance. If you are just picking them up for a ride, the women will immediately know about it.

The mission is to not sleep with her but to win her heart. This doesn’t mean falling head over heels with every woman you meet in every bar or party. It is merely being a pick up artist, much like other artists, who have style and techniques must be inspired by a passion and love for the work while trying to capture the attention of the women.

Build your confidence. The words you say or how you say it don’t make you confident. Confidence comes from deep within, from an understanding that you mean well and you wish to give your “art fan” an experience that’s worth their while.

Deep down you already that you will make any woman happy. You know that you are actually doing her a favor. Now it will be impossible to mess up saying all of the right things.

It is not pompous at all to think you’re doing her a favor. You know you are because she is not the first woman you have made happy. You’re not reluctant to showing them a good time with you, which is what they truly want, including spending some quality time with them at a nice restaurant as you pull out their chair and hold the door open for them, or even going to a party, all the while you listen to what they have to say.

Self-confidence stems from self-assurance. Due to the self-confidence a PUA has, he is more likely to get a woman to go out with him. Women feel secured by simply seeing how a PUA walks, talks and deals with people, without faking it.

Perfection stems from good spirits. Have you ever attempted to sell a good or idea? If so, then you already know that the presentation is what will either sell it or reject it.

The ideal PUA “pitch” doesn’t just involve looks, but it also includes substance to support it. Having a background in this area is what also makes it work out in your favor. Generosity, personality, and a good sense of humor are the most important components to keep in mind.

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