Mail Archive Appliance On Cloud Nine: In A Nutshell

In today’s digital era and cut throat business environment cloud computing has been changing the IT landscape quite significantly. As an obvious result the whole concept of switching to cloud email solutions has become one of the most important aspects for businesses to mull over. Undoubtedly, archiving your email on the cloud network is definitely quite a smart business decision however with so many blinding options available in the market, selecting the best archive solution can be quite an overwhelming task.

As a matter of fact, a hosted third party email archiving effort offers quite a considerable amount of benefits, which you can never receive if you stick to a built in solution. Indeed, there is practically a gamut of things to consider prior choosing any email archival solution on the cloud. Well, while just a rudimentary built in solution might work for some companies, often a rather comprehensive solution might work well for others. So, where to start with? Answering the following questions is definitely a perfect place to start.

Have you been or (are you likely to be) involved in any kind of lawsuit? If your answer to this question is big yes then sure you need a staggering email archival solution with state of the art e discovery features.

Is your organization regulated heavily? Or in other words if you have to adhere to the legal regulations such as FINRA, GLBA, SEC, SOX or HIPAA? If yes then you should comply with the FRCP rules and invest on a rather robust mail archive appliance on Cloud Nine.

Do you want your end user to access their personal archives? Again if your answer to this question is a yes then cloud email solutions stand as the ultimate rescuer. The tool significantly reduces the burden from IT resources hence allows your resource to be rather productive

Are you worried about email storage and quick retrieval? A study done by the Radicati Group, Inc. has revealed that the overall number of worldwide email users has increased at a record level. A data shows that it has rose from 1.4 billion to almost 1.9 billion in 2012. Well, it goes without saying that one needs to keep in mind this unprecedented growth and select only a cloud based mail archive appliance for meeting your specific needs.

Selection is still the key when it comes to the point of streamlining your e mail messages so ensure that your solution meets all your key business requirements. Here are few important factors to consider

?Compliance – It should meet the strictest legal and regulatory compliance

?Continuity– It should help in keeping your business running in the event of any kind of natural disaster or unplanned downtime

?Flexibility– The appliance you choose should be enough flexible to enable you in moving to yet another email service provider in case of sudden need

So, let us now finally see the key attributes which matter the most when looking for any mail archive appliance. Low costs should definitely be your primary objective. The mail archival you select should assure you minimal training and integration costs. Also, check the time frame for deploying and implementing the solution and also make sure that the service provider offers you live chat support. Last but not the least; also check the different kinds of migratory solutions that your service provider offers

Audrian Cambell has been a company head and he knows how cloud email solutions work to help you maintain your emails storage and make your job fast and easier. Here he wants to share his knowledge about mail archive appliance and how it helps you and your organization in accessing emails easily.

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