Magazine Printing 101

There are many ways to go with magazine printing here are a few of them to get you by in making your own magazines:

1. Think about a magazine name
Your magazine name must be exceptional but easy to remember.  it should be just one or two words so people can easily recall it.  Chances are if they fancy it, they will even give a nickname for it.  The most popular magazines are always very easy to remember and are identifiable.  Remember your subject and try to go around that line.  Research and check if the names you have in mind are already taken and published by others.  Do not use popular names as well because people will not be able to connect that name with your magazine.

2. Fun features
Add fun facts or simple games that require your readers to think.  You can also give freebies if they get the right answer at the fastest time.  This will also help you know the active reader you have.

3. Great contributors
To find great contributors you must do your research and must be very strict and check if they can really write.  Either ask for an impromptu article or check with their past writings and their previous employers.  Pick writers who are savvy and creative over the very serious writers whom regular people rarely comprehend.  Easy read are commonly the most read too. So stick with fun writers.

4. Advertisers
Not all companies will be willing to post an ad to a new magazine so entice them with a good offer like a 50% discount or a bigger layout spread for them.  Remember that these companies need to trust you first before they open their wallets.

5. Look for Fun pictures
Your pictures will explain everything in your magazine so make sure the pictures are placed near the right text.  Have a small caption to explain the photo.  We highly recommend that you have your own pictures.  Borrowed photographs must always be borrowed from the real owners so that will  take time and probably a rejection if they do not know your magazine so instead of borrowing have a professional photograph take all the shots you require and let them do the magic together with your layout designer.

6. Have a layout
Have a layout but try to give it to a professional designer.   Your eye may not just work out for your magazine so you need fresh eyes and a great mind to conceptualize your design.  It is most likely that you already have a layout in mind so share this with your designer but let them do the polishing.

7. Binding
The thicker your magazine is the higher the importance of the binding choice is.  Remember to ask your printer what can hold your pages in place considering your budget and the thickness of the magazine.  Normal choices are staples or stitches.

8. Paper stock: Gloss and matte
For protection and to keep your magazine in top condition until it reaches its owners, use paper stock.  You can choose gloss from the word itself it will be glossy and the other matte.  If your magazine is an earth friendly magazine have the printers use a thinner gloss than the usual.

Magazine printing is a very important media to relay any writers ideas and opinions so be sure everything you write there will not degrade or cause harm to other people.  Triple check everything your contributors will submit before the final printing.  Your magazines will be the best thing you ever did if you do it right.

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