Mac iMovie import DVD – How to import DVD into iMovie on Mac?

Mac iMovie import DVD – How to import DVD into iMovie on Mac?

It is known that Mac iMovie is a best tool to turn home videos into all-time favorite films. As a powerful video editing software, iMovie can automatically organizes your video with its powerful function. With the help of iMovie, Mac users can edit HD videos from camera and share them on web like YouTube or play on iPod, iPhone, and so on.

However ,Mac users can not directly import DVD to iMovie. In order to import DVD to iMovie, Mac users should use DVD to iMovie Converter for Mac. With DVD to iMovie Converter for Mac, import DVD to iMovie is not a problem any more. Import DVD to iMovie including two parts, the following article will guide you how to import DVD to iMovie.

Part 1. How to import Commercial DVD to iMovie?

Commercial DVD is not allowed to put into iMovie directly. If you want to import a Commercial DVD to iMovie, users should first convert the DVD to one of the iMovie-compatible file formats, such as MPEF-2 and AVCHD, DV-Standard and HDV, QuickTime Movie, MPEG-4. DVD Ripper for Mac can help users easily convert DVD to iMovie.

Step 1: Load the DVD movies into DVD to iMovie for Mac

Install and Run the DVD to iMovie for Mac and import DVD to this program, before importing DVD to iMovie, Mac users should insert the DVD to DVD drive first. Then drag and down the DVD disc icon to it.

Step 2: Choose the output format for iMovie

select “iMovie” preset from output format list. After setting the output settings

Step 3: Convert and Import DVD to iMovie on Mac

Click the Convert button to start the conversion. After conversion, Mac users need to import the output files into iMovie. Open iMovie and choose File -> Import Movies. Then Mac users can edit the converted movie.

Part 2. How to import the Non- Commercial DVD to iMovie?

Step 1: Insert your DVD on Mac

Step 2: Open Disk Utility and Select the Disk Utilities. Then choose the “New Image”. Save the disk image on the desktop or any other place you like.

Step 3: After the disk image is written, open iMovie.

Step 4: When the iMovie open, mount the new disk image. Then the iMovie import window will appear. Now, you can import the DVD and start editing.

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