Love You Forever Because Of One Word

In social situations, the wine is indispensable props. The people like to play this prop; there is a man, also a woman.


There was a woman working in market. When she discussed a project with customer, in order to catch this project, she had drunk much wine. Just at this time, a man next to the woman took the wine in the woman’s hands and drank himself. Then, the man smiled to woman and said: “Sorry, I do not like woman to drink. Let’s talk business now!” He said very lightly, but let the woman touched. She suddenly felt like crying in the man’s arms.


The man was not her friend, not her colleagues, but was a non-essential person in the other camp. Maybe he was the manager’s friend. He did not like shopping atmosphere, there was not much restraint, so he damaged the fight very random. The manager obviously had a good relationship with this friend and tolerated his friend’s willful behavior, said: “Well, we get down to business.”


What was the process throughout the negotiations and how was the final outcome, she did not remember. She only knew this man deeply branded in her heart. Because, these years she was at the mall working, she encountered all kinds of men, some smart, some cunning, some vulgar, some elegant, these men had a common hobby, which was liking forcing a woman drink, seeing a woman drunk, they had a strange pleasure.


And then, suddenly encountered an outsider and he easily resolved her moves. So free, so light, even was some casual. Her heart, such as hard ice in the sun gradually blended into the water. Later, she heard the man on foot to Tibet, he was a photographer, and he wanted to shoot some very moving film. Then, one day, she suddenly resigned to the manager, under the manager’s liking a bulb-like eyes gazing, she slowly said: “I’m going to Tibet to find a man.”


Managers thought she was crazy. Under the eyes of the crowd didn’t understand, that afternoon she boarded a flight to fly to Lhasa. She eventually did find the man. Years later, she married a man, just because that person went so far as to say the magic phrase for her life cannot forget the words: “I’m sorry; I do not like a woman to drink.”


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