Love Always Likes To Wear a Coat to Confuse People

He is the father. But thinking of naughty son, he wants to be angry. He is often in front of his wife, with face in disgust, said: “nonsense, I do not like this kid and he made ​​me absent-minded and break my leg, but also he is mischievous to hit my head. As well as he stepped on my most Camellias as a pulpy…” he gushed.


But his wife looked at him lovingly. He was confused. “Why are you staring at me?” He asked. “Have you finished it?” His wife asked. “Finished” He said. His wife turned and smiled to say: “Every time I return to my family, and I always tell your badness to mother. I always say my mom, blame her let me marry an old and ugly man, and his temper is not well and not gentle…” She did not look at him, but said the words he never forgot: “But, when I say these words, I cannot wait to return to your side.” His hands clasped her hand. Outside the window, that naughty little boy stepped on his most beloved camellias again. He rushed outside, still with a straight face shouting loudly, laughing back, but he felt he was the happiest father.


You see, true love always like to wear a coat to confuse the people, sometimes is complain, sometimes is serious, and sometimes is impatient. But we do not misunderstand it! In fact, it contains endless love. Some people would say that their parents will blame themselves, and they simply do not deserve the parents. However, if parents do not love you, they will control you? If the parents do not love you, they will waste their time and energy to criticize you? If they do not love you, when you are sick, they will be anxious to take you to the hospital? If they do not love you, they will all day long worry about you?


It can be said, no parents do not love their children. As the saying goes, tiger doesn’t eat its child. Even animals know love their children, not to mention the people. Therefore, as children, we should understand parents’ minds and love. At the same time, we should love them doubly.


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