Louis Vuitton Tambour Women’s Watch – Wonderful Saint Valentine’s Gift For Her

Tambour, petale and bijou, such pieces together may recall you the bracelets, won’t they? But this time, what will appear in front of us the watches. Yes, there are such timepieces decorated by the tambour, petale and bijou. It is the Louis Vuitton Tambour Bijou Petale Women’s Watch. If you are looking for the Saint Valentine’s Day gift for her, you should also take this gorgeous piece into consideration. Louis Vuitton is really deserved to be called one of most wonderful luxury brands for it always sparkle people’s eyes with their classic and elegant fashion accessories. To this tambour bijou petale watch, the main twinkling features are the classic and unique patterns. In the steel and diamonds bracelet, there are engraved with the delicate monogram flowers which substantially embellish the elegance of the watch. Its feminine sense is greatly embodied to enhance more and more beauty to women.  This Louis Vuitton designer watch features an 18mm case which is covered with the sapphire glass that has an anti-reflective coating. The case, horns and as well as the dials are all set with white diamonds, which makes the whole watch flaunt with the gorgeous styles and sense. The watch features quartz movement and is waterproof to 30 meters. This is a perfection of both practical and elegant women watch. Although it is priced at $7, 450.00, it is surely to be the priceless gift for her in the so romantic Saint Valentine’s Day. Her beauty will surely be enhanced with such a elegant and pretty Louis Vuitton timepiece.

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