Long-Lasting Commercial Furniture

It often surprises people that that commercial furniture or contract furniture is so much more expensive than residential furniture. Residential furniture are designed differently and not used for the same purpose. Commercial furniture is more expensive than residential furniture because the construction varies significantly for its anticipated use.

Commercial furniture have different guidelines than home furniture as they require strict standards for flamability, durablity and commercial use.

Furnishing a restaurant or a hotel can be a daunting task depending on your experience, your budget, the age of the hotel and its condition. Many hoteliers employ a professional interior designer, or a design team to take the hassle out of creating a perfect image for your venue, that you want your customers to enjoy.

There are many added benefits to hotel refurbishment, primarily your guests will appreciate the new environment that you have created for them, in turn they will be more likely to spend time there and also that there is a good chance that they will tell their friends about your newly refurbished hotel. Logically this should lead to an increased return on investment because there you will have more customers, more often.

If you require any assistance from Forest contract when choosing hotel furniture then please do not hesitate to ask. Our staff are trained industry professionals that can advise you on the best dining chairs, bedroom chairs, sofas, tables or any other furniture for hotels. Whether you are furnishing restaurant, lounge, bar area or bedroom we will have the right furniture and upholstery options for you.

Thistle would be a good example of our hotel work. Following a consultation with their interior design team, Forest Contract produced a prototype bedroom chair called the Jordan (as seen above). The chair has a fully upholstered seat and back, with polished show wood legs. Once we had finished developing the chair and and Thistle’s designers were happy with it. We were given the go ahead to put the hotel bedroom chairs in full production.

Another example of our hotel furniture is Hilton Hotels. Working with their interior designers we developed a chair bed to go in some of the bedrooms. This chair bed is made with a three fold metal sofabed mechanism which fits inside a 1.5 seater sofa (love seat) and then a CRIB5 contract mattress sits on top. When the chair bed is folded away it sits just like a normal armchair, it has a generous seating area and is very comfortable. When additional an additional sleeping area is needed in the hotel bedroom, the chair bed can be folded out and used as a bed. A practical contract furnishing solution from Forest Contract Furniture.


Hotel furniture manufacturer Forest Contract offer wide variety of furniture for hotels. Having worked with some of the largest and most prestigious hotel chains in the UK including Hilton and Thistle. We are pleased to present our commercial hotel furniture items such as Hotel Dining Chairs,Armchairs,Hotel Bedroom Chairs,Hotel Tables,Sofas etc.

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