Log Splitter- Is It Only Necessary During Winter

Did you know that big forestry suppliers use a splitter to make the first cut for making log planks, or for cutting logs into manageable size for paper making? These splitters are part of a loggers equipment used in the forest to get cut down trees ready for transport and processing. Depending upon the end use, the logs are split in a certain way so as to save time in the wood mills and in this industry, as elsewhere, time is money. This is just but one example of the many uses of a log splitter.
Therefore, there are so many ways you could use to get your firewood ready for heating during the winter season. Of course, you could use the old fashioned method of hitting a wedge with a mallet to split the wood, but you will certainly get the job done faster and be sitting by the fire sooner if you use a log splitter. Once you have decided on the type of log splitter that you need, you need to read the instructions to learn how it works. If you buy your splitter at a local hardware store, the staff can probably give you a good demonstration.
Once you get your log splitter machine in action, you will have no trouble running it. Splitting firewood should be no hustle as well. Just take your log and set it into the cradle located on the splitter. Make sure that wood is securely fastened so that it can’t move or fall out of the cradle. Push the button or lever and off you go. A very sharp bladed wedge or ram is pushed against the log with enough force from the motor or pump to break the log into nice even pieces.

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