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Many families opt to rent rather than buy skis not only to save themselves the added expense of overflowing baggage allowances on the plane. This is also because many first time skiers who buy an entire outfit for skiing including equipment sometimes regret their purchases, especially those who only go on ski vacations once a year.
Other families love trying out the latest in ski equipment and the only way to be able to get an idea of the latest and the best is through renting all the latest skiing equipment available.
As you rent your skis, remember that shorter skis tend to be easier to control than longer skis. It is also highly recommended that children rent skis which are wider and shorter rather than long and skinny skis.
This will give them more control no matter what level of skiing they are in. Adults who need to fit their skis need to keep in mind that comfort really is not the priority when it comes to ski rentals. Skis that are too comfortable can in fact be dangerous.
This is due to the fact that when your feet ‘swim’ within the ski boots, you will have the least amount of control you can imagine, which puts you at a disadvantage as you ride the slopes.
More often than not, shops where you rent skis also measure your poles for what fits you best. Ideal sizes of poles do change according to the terrain you are going to be skiing on. Fresh snow will require poles that are standard sizes.
Turning the ski pole upside down and grabbing just beneath its basket will let you know what ski pole measurement you need. The correct pole measurements cause your arms to be bent at ninety degrees.

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