Online slot game “Lightning Jungle” | North America | September

“Lightning Jungle” developed by Samurai Studio (R) by NatsumeAtari started distribution on online casino sites in North America through the remote gaming server of ODDSworks on September 15, 2022 Japan time.

“Lightning Jungle” will be the first content developed by Samurai Studio (R) by NatsumeAtari for the regulated online casino market in North America and Europe, and the regions where it will be distributed are scheduled to be gradually expanded in the future.

Game main image:

The game introduction is below.

Product (game) overview

It will be an online casino slot distributed in North America, where regulations are in place and online casinos are legalized.

Features and detailed paragraphs

Fusion of Natsume Atari’s strengths, pachinko/pachislot development, and existing casino slots! !
Based on the popular “HOLD & RESPIN” game at Las Vegas casinos, we added an extra element “RESPIN game” to expand the playability.

  • Company profile

Natsume Atari Co., Ltd. is an entertainment company that operates in three locations: the Osaka headquarters, the Nagoya office, and the Tokyo office. Natsume Co., Ltd., which has been developing home video games since 1987, and Atari Co., Ltd., which has been planning and developing pachinko and pachislot machines since 2002, merged to form Natsume Atari Co., Ltd. in 2013.
Currently headquartered in Kita-ku, Osaka, we are a development company that is expanding into new fields such as game planning and development, game machine planning and development, and gaming (casino) development.

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