Life Lies In Movement

Busy jobs make white-collar workers do not have enough time to have a rest and a good quality of sleep. lack of sleep can cause skin to skin microcirculation slowed, reducing the amount of oxygen the blood is deposited in the muscle at the end of the toxin cannot be discharged smoothly, and the skin in the UV damage suffered during the day and cannot be repaired in time, resulting in dull, uneven skin tone, loss of healthy skin are the others a sense of permeability. For whitening problems caused by lack of sleep, to choose self-repair function containing promote skin whitening products, it will give the skin in a short time to restore normal metabolic state, even sleep well can also have white compact face.


To whiten, first sun, sunny summer, ultraviolet irradiation activates melanin mother cells; the formation of tyrosine’s, constantly updated with new cells to the skin surface over the course of time will form pigmentation spots. In addition, the skin wrinkles and also because most of the light spots caused by aging. Interested in travel processing to smear sunscreen products high-index, but also spare no complement sunscreen products, good fight umbrellas, sunglasses and other hard protective measures. Also, do not forget to fight day and night whitening cream milk sunburn; spots at source will stifle depleted.


Life is movement, long-term sedentary make the whole person’s blood stasis, color is natural to deteriorate. In addition, although no studies have shown that computer radiation makes the skin dull, but it does make for a long time at the computer face becomes difficult to see, dirt hyperplasia. The movement is a good sweat detoxification process; moderate exercise allows the body to flush out the toxins as sweat, skin firmer and elastic. Weekly to maintain a certain sport, jogging or yoga is a good way to increase the amount of exercise at the same time, do not forget to use some powerful anti-oxidant and can be shocked to appease the skin whitening products, when necessary, with intensive moisturizing mask for the skin into the water, so that cells in the expanded state, accelerate skin metabolism newborn.


Housewife tortured by smoke, and if her husband is a smoker, and that greater harm. Housewives who rarely go out do not worry about UV damage, but the skin but in the internal oxidation reaction catalyzed soot and pressure intensified, housewife faction would like to strengthen protection and moisturizing whitening, certain substances in cigarettes can cause dry skin, after smoking moisturizing skin care needs. Also choose a cleaning ability of cleansing products or cleansing oil to remove oil from adhering to the skin surface, and then use whitening cream to intensive care.



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