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asked. She had retrieved the torn halves of the notebook from the floor. It was just ripped apart. It was not torn across. David gave her his key. “It’s even more horrible written in that child’s notebook,” Catherine Cheap ghd said. “You’re a monster.” “It was a very odd rebellion,” David said. “You’re a very odd person to write about it,” she said. “I asked you not to read the story.” She was crying now. “I hate you,” she said. They were in their room in bed and it was late pink hair straighteners . “She’ll go away and you’ll have me shut up or put away, Catherine said. “No. That isn’t true.” “But you suggested we go to Switzerland.” “If you were worried we could see a good doctor. The same way we’d go to the dentist.” “No. They’d shut me up. I know. Everything that’s innocent to us is crazy to them. I know about those places.” “It’s an easy drive and beautiful. We’d go by Aix and St. Remy and up the Rh6ne from Lyon to Geneva. We’d see him and get some good advice and make a fun trip out of it.” “I won’t go.” “A very good intelligent doctor that—” “I won’t go. Didn’t you hear me? I won’t go. I won’t go. Do you want me to scream?” “All right. ghd hair straighteners best price Don’t think about it now. Just try to sleep.” ” ghd hair dryer If I don’t have to go.” “We don’t have to.” “I’ll sleep then. Are you going to work in the morning?” “Yes. I might as well.” “You’ll work well,” she said. “I know you will. Good night David. You sleep well too.” He did not sleep for a long time. When he did he had dreams of Africa. They were good dreams until the one that woke him. He got up then and went direct from that dream to work. He was well into the new story before the sun came up out of the sea and he did not look up from where he was to see how red the sun was. In the story he was waiting for the moon to rise and he felt his dog’s hair rise under his hand as he stroked him to be quiet and they both watched and listened as the ghd hair moon came up and gave them shadows. His arm was around the dog’s neck now and he could feel him shivering. All of the night sounds had stopped. They did not hear the elephant and David did not see him until the dog turned his head and seemed to settle into David. Then the elephant’s shadow covered them and he moved past making no noise at all and they smelled him in the light wind that came down from the mountain. He smelled strong but old and sour and when he was past David saw that the left tusk was so long it seemed to reach the ground. They waited but no other elephants came by and then David and the dog started off running in the moonlight. The dog kept close behind him and when David stopped the dog pressed his muzzle into the back of his knee. David had to see the bull again and they came up on him at the edge of the forest. He was travelling toward the mountain and slowly now moving into the steady night breeze. David came close enough to see him cut off the moon again and to ghd iv straighteners smell the sour oldness but he could not see the right tusk. He was afraid to work closer with the dog and he took him back with the wind and pushed him down against the base o Cheap ghd sale f a tree and tried to make h Cheap ghd uk im understand. He thought the dog would stay and he did but when David moved up toward the bulk of the elephant again he felt the wet muzzle against the hollow of his knee. The two of them followed the elephant until he came to an opening in the trees. He stood there moving his huge ears. His ghd products bulk was in the shadow but the moon would be on his head. David reached behind him and closed the dog’s jaws gently with his hand and pink hair straighteners then moved softly and unbreathing to his right along the edge of the night breeze feeling it on his cheek, edging with it, never letting it get between him and the bulk until he could see the elephant’s head and the great ears slowly moving. The right tusk was as thick as his own thigh and it curved down almost to the ground. He and the dog moved back, the wind on his neck now, and they backtracked out of the forest and into the open park country. The dog was ahead of him now and he stopped where David had left the two hunting spears by the trail when they had followed the elephant. He swung them over his shoulder in their thong and leather cup harness and, with his best spear that he had kept with him all the time in his hand, they started on the trail for the shamba. The moon was high now and he wondered why there was no drumming from the shamba. Something was strange if his father was there and there was no drumming. Chapter Nineteen THEY WERE LYING on the firm sand of the smallest of the three coves, the one they always went to when they were alone, and the girl said, “She won’t go to Switzerland.” “She shouldn’t go to Madrid either. Spain is a bad place to crack up.” “I feel as though we’d been married all our lives and never had anything but problems.” She pushed his hair back from his forehead and kissed him. “Do you ghd hair straighteners want to swim now?” “Yes. Let’s dive from the high rock. The really high one.” cheap ghd straighteners uk “You do,” she said. “I’ll swim out and you dive over my head.” “All right. But ghd hair straightener south africa hold still when I dive.” “See how close you can come. Looking up, she watched him poised on the high rock, arced brown against the blue sky. Then he came toward her and the water rose in a spout from a hole in the water behind her shoulder. He turned under water and came up in front of her and shook his head. “I cut it too fine,” he said. They swam out to the point and back and then wiped each other dry and dressed on the beach.

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