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as a duck blind.〃 ¨I donˇt have to, Tom.〃 Thomas Hudson was lying flat on the planking of the dinghy now. ¨Ara will be back as soon as you ought to come in.〃 ¨Donˇt worry, Tom. I can stay here all night if you like but Iˇd like Ara to bring out something to eat and a little rum perhaps and some more water.〃 ¨Heˇll be back and pick you up and weˇll have a little rum on board.〃 Ara pulled the cord on the motor and they headed for the ship. Thomas Hudson felt the frags along his legs and the weight of the ni?o across his chest. He put his arms around it and cuddled it and Ara laughed and leaned down and said, ¨This is a ba ghd hair straighteners best price d life for good children.〃 XIX THEY WERE ALL ON BOARD THE SHIP NOW and it was cool in late afternoon wind ghd hair straighteners uk . The flamingoes were gone from the flat although it was still ghd hair dryer uncovered. The flat was gray in the afternoon light and there was a flock of willets working over it. Beyond was the shallow water, the channels that could not be seen for the mud, and in the background were the keys. Thomas Hudson was standing now on the flying bridge, leaning against a corner of it, and Antonio was talking to him. ¨We donˇt get a high tide until after eleven tonight,〃 Antonio said. ¨This wind is emptying the water right out of the bay and the flats and I donˇt know what sort of depths we will have.〃 ¨Will it float ghd hair straighteners her or will we have to kedge off?〃 ¨It will float her. But we havenˇt any moon.〃 ¨Thatˇs right. Thatˇs why we have these big springs.〃 ¨She only made last night,〃 Antonio said. ¨Sheˇs new. We didnˇt see her last night because of the squall.〃 ¨Thatˇs right.〃 ¨I sent George and Gil in to cut some brush to stake the channel so we can get out. We can always sound it with the dinghy and get stakes on ghdstyleruk.com the points.〃 ¨Look. What Iˇd like to do when she floats is get in to where I can bring the searchlight and the .50ˇs to bear on the turtle boat and put somebody on board to blink to us if they come out in the skiff.〃 ¨That would be ideal, Tom. But you canˇt get in there in the dark. You could get in there with the searchlight and the dinghy sounding ahead of you and calling the soundings and staking. But nobody would come out then. Theyˇd never come out.〃 ¨I guess so, Iˇve been wrong twice today.〃 ¨You were wrong,〃 Antonio said. ghd hair straighteners ¨But it was just chances. Like drawing a card.〃 ¨Whatˇs important is that I was wrong. Now tell me what you think.〃 ¨I think that if they havenˇt gone and if we make no move to act as though we were not aground they will come out to board the ship tonight. We do not look like anything except a pleasure craft. Iˇm sure they were inside the keys when it happened. They will feel contempt for us and they will be sure we are weak because they have seen only one man all day in the dinghy if they have watched.〃 ¨We tried to play it that way.〃 ¨Then if they find how things are on the turtle ghd pure boat what then?〃 ¨Ask Willie to come up here,〃 he said to Antonio. Willie came up, still lumpy-looking from the mosquito bites. His scratches looked better, though, and he was wearing only a pair of khaki shorts. ¨How are you, jungle man?〃 ¨Iˇm fine, Tom. Ara put some chloroform on the bites and theyˇve stopped itching. Those damn mosquitoes are about a quarter of an inch long and black as ink.〃 ¨Weˇve got ourselves pretty well fucked-up, Willie.〃 ¨Hell. Weˇve been fucked-up from the start.〃 ¨Peters?〃 ¨Weˇve got him sewed up in canvas and some ice on him. He wonˇt bring anything in the market. But heˇll hold a couple of days.〃 ¨Listen, Willie. I was telling Antonio what Iˇd like to do was get in to where the .50ˇs and the searchlight would bear on that hulk. But he says we canˇt get in without spooking the whole ocean and that itˇs no good.〃 ¨Sure,〃 Willie said. ¨Heˇs right. Thatˇs three times youˇve been wrong today. Iˇm leading you by one less.〃 ¨Do you think they will come out and try and board the ship?〃 ¨I doubt it like hell,〃 Willie said. ¨But they could.〃 ¨They arenˇt crazy. But they could be desperate enough to try it.〃 The two of them were sitting on the deck of-the flying bridge leaning back against the stays and the canvas. Willie rubbed the part of his right shoulder that had begun to itch again on the canvas. ¨They could come out,〃 he said. ¨They did a crazy thing when they made that massacre.〃 ¨Not from their point of view then. You have to remember it was when they had just lost their ghd flat iron ship and they were desperate.〃 ghd hair straighteners best price ¨Well, they lost another ship today as well ghd pure as a comrade. Maybe they were fond of the son of a bitch.〃 ¨Probably. Or they wouldnˇt have let him take up space.〃 ¨He was a pretty good guy,〃 Willie said. ¨He took all that surrender talk and a grenade be ghd straighteners uk fore he even made his play. He must have thought Peters was the captain because of his commanding manner and the way he spreched Kraut.〃 ¨I guess so.〃 ¨You know the frags went off below decks. They might never have heard them. How many rounds did you fire, Tom?〃 ¨Not more than five.〃 ¨The character fired one burp.〃 ¨How loud did it all sound to you, Antonio?〃 ¨It didnˇt sound loud,〃 Antonio said. ¨We are downwind and to the north of it with the key between. It didnˇt sound loud at all. But I could hear it clearly.〃 ¨They might never have heard it,〃 Thomas Hudson said. ¨But they must have seen the dinghy running around and their ship careened. Theyˇre sure to think sheˇs a trap. I donˇt think they will go near her.〃 ¨I think thatˇs right,〃 Willie agreed. ¨But do you think theyˇll come out here?〃 ¨You and God know just as much about that as I do. Arenˇt you the one whoˇs always thinking in the Germansˇ ghd styler minds?〃 ¨Sure,〃 Thomas Hudson said. ¨Sometimes Iˇm pretty good at it. But Iˇm not so hot today.〃 ¨Youˇre thinking all right,〃 Willie said. ¨You just ran into a bad streak.〃 ¨We could set a trap over there.〃 ¨Youˇre just as trapped as youˇre trapping on her,〃 Willie said. ¨You go over and booby-trap her while itˇs still light.〃 ¨Now youˇre talking,〃 Willie said. ¨Thatˇs the old Tom. Iˇll booby-trap both hatches and that ghdstyleruk.com/specials.html dead Kraut and the lee rail. Youˇre thinking your way out of it now.〃 ¨Use plenty of stuff. Weˇve got lots of stuff.〃 ¨Sheˇll be booby-trapped till Christ wonˇt have her.〃 ¨Theyˇre coming in with the dinghy,〃 Antonio said. ¨Iˇll get Ara and the necessary and get over there,〃 Willie said. ¨Donˇt blow yourself up.〃

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