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kel one elevens.” “By any names they are as bad,” Joaquin said. “But I am delaying you. I will take you to the commander.” “The commander?” Pilar asked. Joaquin nodded seriously. “I like it better than ‘chief,” he said. “It is more military.” “You are militarizing heavily,” Pilar said and laughed at him. “No,” Joaquin said. “But I like military terms because it makes orders clearer and for better discipline.” “Here is one according to thy taste, _Ingles_,” Pilar said. “A very serious boy.” “Should I carry thee?” Joaquin asked the girl and put his arm on her shoulder and smiled in her face. “Once was enough,” Maria told him. “Thank you just the same.” “Can you remember it?” Joaquin asked her. “I can remember being carried,” Maria said. “By you, no. I remember the gypsy because he dropped me so many times. But I thank thee, Joaquin, and I’ll carry thee sometime.” “I can remember it well enough,” Joaquin said. “I can remember holding thy two legs and thy belly was on my shoulder and thy head over my back and thy arms hanging down against my back.” “Thou hast much memory,” Maria said and smiled at him. “I remember nothing of that. Neither thy arms nor thy shoulders nor thy back.” “Do you want to know something?” Joaquin asked her. “What is it?” “I was glad thou wert hanging over my back when the shots were coming from behind us.” “What a swine,” Maria said. “And was it for this the gypsy too carried me so much?” “For that and to hold onto thy legs.” “My heroes,” Maria said. “My saviors.” “Listen, _guapa_,” Pilar told her. “This boy carried thee much, and in that moment thy legs said nothing to any one. In that moment only the bullets talked clearly. And if he would have dropped thee he could soon have been out of range of the bullets.” “I have thanked him,” Maria said. “And I will carry him sometime. Allow us to joke. I do not have to cry, do I, because he carried me?” “I’d have dropped thee,” Joaquin went on teasing her. “But I was afraid Pilar would shoot me.” “I shoot no one,” Pilar said. “_No hace falta_,” Joaquin told her. “You don’t need to. You scare them to death with your mouth.” “What a way to speak,” Pilar told him. “And you used to be such a polite little boy. What did you do before the movement, little boy?” “Very little,” Joaquin said. “I was sixteen.” “But what, exactly?” “A few pairs of shoes from time to time.” “Make them?” “No. Shine them.” “_Que va_,” said Pilar. “There is more to it than that.” She looked at his brown face, his lithe build, his shock of hair, and the quick heel-and-toe way that he walked. “Why did you fail at it?” “Fail at what?” “What? You know what. You’re growing the pigtail now.” “I guess it was fear,” the boy said. “You’ve a nice figure,” Pilar told him. “But the face isn’t much. So it was fear, was it? You were all right at the train.” “I have no fear of them now,” the boy said. “None. And we have seen much worse things and more dangerous than the bulls. It is clear no bull is as dangerous as a machine gun. But if I were in the ring with one now I do not know if I could dominate my legs.” “He wanted to be a bullfighter,” Pilar explained to Robert Jordan. “But he was afraid.” “Do you like the bulls, Comrade Dynamiter?” Joaquin grinned, showing white teeth. “Very much,” Robert Jordan said. “Very, very much.” “Have you seen them in Valladolid?” asked Joaquin. “Yes. In September at the feria.” “That’s my town,” Joaquin said buy ghd straighteners . “What a fine town but how the _buena gente_, the good people of that ghd hair straightener price town, have suffered in this war.” Then, his face grave, “There they shot my father. My mother. My brother- ghd straighteners uk in-law and now my sister.” “What barbarians,” Robert Jordan said. How many times had he heard this? How many times had he watched people say it with difficulty? How many times had he seen their eyes fill and their throats harden with the difficulty of saying my father, or my brother, or my mother, or my sister? He could not remember how many times he had heard them mention their dead in this way. Nearly always they spoke as this boy did now; suddenly and apropos of the mention of the ghd pure town and always you said, “What barbarians.” You only heard the statement of the loss. You did not see the father fall as Pilar made him see the fascists die in that story she had told ghd flat iron by the stream. You knew the father died in some courtyard, or against some wall, or in some field or orchard, or at night, in the lights of a truck, beside some road. You had seen the lights of the car from the hills and heard the shooting and afterwards you had come down to the road and found the bodies. You did not see the mother shot, pink ghd nor the sister, nor the brother. You heard about it; you heard the shots; ghd styler uk and you saw the bodies. Pilar had made him see it in that town. If that woman could only write. He would try to write it and if he had luck and could remember it perhaps he could get it down as she told it. God, how she could tell a story. She’s better than Quevedo, he thought. He never wrote the death of any Don Faustino as well as she told it. I wish I could write well enough to write that story, he thought. What we did. Not what the others did to us. He knew enough about that. He knew plenty about that behind the lines. But you had to have known the people before. You had to know what they had been in the village. Because of our mobility and because we did not have to stay afterwards to take the punishment we never knew how anything really ended, he thought. You stayed with a peasant and his family. You came at night and ate with them. In the day you were hidden and the next night you were gone. You did your job and cleared out. The next time you came that way you heard that they had been shot. It was as simple as that. But you were always gone when it happened. The _partizans_ did their damage and pulled out. The peasants stayed and took the punishment. I’ve always known about the other, he thought. What we did to them at the start I’ve always known it and hated it and I have heard it mentioned shamelessly and shamefully, bragged of, boasted of, defended, explained and denied. But that damned ghd iv woman made me see it as though I had been there. Well, he thought, it is part of one’s education. It will be quite an education when it’s finished. You learn in this war if you listen. You most certainly did. He was lucky that he had lived parts of ten years ifl Spain before the war. They trusted you on the language, principally. They trusted you on understanding the language completely and speaking it idiomatically and having a knowledge of the different places. A Spaniard was only really loyal to his village in the end. First Spain of course, then his own tribe, then his province, then his village, his family and finally his trade. If you knew Spanish he was prejudiced in your favor, if you knew his province it was that ghd styler much better, but if you knew his village and his trade you were in as far as any foreigner ever could be. He never felt like a foreigner in Spanish and they did not really treat him like a foreigner most of the time; only when they turned on you. Of course they turned on you. They turned on you often but they always turned on every one. They turned on themselves, too. If you had three together, two would unite against one, and then the two would start to betray each other. Not always, but often enough for you to take enough cases and start to draw it as a conclusion. This was no way to think; but who censored his thinking? Nobody but himself. He would not think himself into any defeatism. The first thing was to win the war. If we ghd mk4 did not win the war everything was lost. But he noticed, and listened to, and remembered everything. He was serving in a war and he gave absolute loyalty and as complete a performance as he could give while he was serving. But nobody owned his mind, nor his faculties for seeing and hearing, and if he were going to form judgments he would form them afterwards. And there would ghd hair styler be plenty of material to draw them from. There was plenty already. There was a little too much sometimes. Look at the Pilar woman, he thought. No matter what comes, if there is time, I must make her tell me the rest of that story. Look at her walking along with those two kids. You could not get three better-looking products of Spain than those. She is like a mountain and the boy and the girl ghd products are like young trees. The old trees are all cut down and the young trees are growing clean like that. In spite of what has happened to the two of them they look as fresh and clean and new and untouched as though they had never heard of misfortune. But according to Pilar, Maria has just gotten sound again. She must have been in an awful shape. He remembered a Belgian boy in the Eleventh Brigade who had enlisted with five other boys from his village. It was a village Of about two hundred people and the boy had never been away froni the village before. When he first saw the boy, out at Hans’ Brigade Staff, the other five from the village had all been killed and the boy was in very bad shape and they were using him as an orderly to wait on table at the staff. He had a big, blond, ruddy Flemish face and huge awkward peasant hands and he moved, with the dishes, as powerfully and awkwardly as a draft horse. But he cried all the time. All during the meal he cried with no noise at all. cheap ghd styler You looked up and there he was, crying. If you asked for the wine, he cried and if you passed your plate for stew, he cried; turning away his head. Then he would stop; but if you looked up at him, tears would start coming again. Between courses he cried in the kitchen. Every one was very gentle with him. But it did no good. He would have to find out what became of him and whether he ever cleared up and was fit for soldiering again. Maria was sound enough now. She seemed so anyway. But he was no psychiatrist. Pilar was the psychiatrist. It probably had been good for them to have been together last night. Yes, unless it stopped. It certainly had been good for him. He felt fine today; sound and good and unworried and happy. The show looked bad enough but he was awfully lucky, too. He had been in others that announced themselves badly. Announced themselves; that was thinking in Spanish. Maria was lovely. Look at her, he said to himself.

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