lens mug- Not Just Another Kitchenware

During the early years, lens mug were designed to be used in banquets. They serve as containers for boiled eggs during breakfasts. The most common design of   this includes a hollow center where the egg is placed in order for it not fall off the table.  Nowadays, this is not merely used during breakfast to serve as a lens mug. It is also regarded as a collector's item. Hereby, the art of collecting this is   called pocillovy.  It is also composed of a footie. This serves as a platform or elevation found in the base of the said kitchenware. Some of these do not have footies.   However, these depend on the type of design which the cup is made of.  Different lens mug which are continuously collected by pocillovists.However, modern designs were developed. The most popular of these are usually in the form
 of toy cars, stuffed toys, flowers and bears. There are also abstract designs which have gained popularity. The shapes of some of the cups also vary from the   others. Some have no footies, while others have incomplete edges, making the cup appear like a tripod material. Innovations in designs and shapes are also   reasons which make this interesting.  This are made of different kinds of material. These are usually in the form of wood, porcelain, metal, earthen ware and china. The price of a cup mainly   depends on a lot of reasons. The design counts a lot, as well as the material with which the cup is made of. There are other instances when a lens mug is   vintage, making it an ultimate collector's item. This type is usually expensive as compared to others. Hand-painted cups are also costly because of their   intricate designs.  Individuals who have learned to maximize the said kitchenware also make it a point to use lens mug as a coffee cup. There are also those who only use them as   displays on the kitchen counter. Either way, these have gone a long way when it comes to their uses and purposes inside the kitchen.

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