Law-carbon Life

Under the environment of the global warming, a series of words of environmental protection or electricity-saving are created. In recent years, the word of law-carbon appears. The earth belongs to us, from now on we need to protect and cherish it. How can we do and how can we start? First, we have to understand the meaning of the law-carbon life. It means that we need to decrease the consumption of the energy when we are working or having a rest. If we do like this, we can decrease the discharge amount of the carbon. The law-carbon is an attitude for the ordinary people. Would you like join us to have a law-carbon?

We need to pay attention to four points: saving water, saving gasoline, saving natural gas and saving electricity. With the development of the industry, a lot of greenhouse gases especially the carbon have influence on the climate and sea level. First, the washing water of rice could be used to water the flowers, wash hands or clean the oil stain. Second, we can put the old and useless news paper into the clothespress. It is not only could absorb the strange scent, but also could prevent wet. Third, the paper of masks which are used could clean the jewelry or the surface of furniture and so on. In our life, if the little things come together, we can get the huge success of law-carbon.

Some people think if we achieve the low-carbon, it will influence our live level. But others think that achieving the low-carbon is not only a major event, but is a good thing. But from the requirements of the low-carbon, maybe it will reduce the level of our life. When our living standards rose, we want to buy the good cars which have a high discharge amount. But the expert says it doesn’t matter. Because the same aims are to improve our living circumstances. But we need to find a combining point. It not only cloud have a good life, but also have a good environment. It is a big topic to us, but now the biggest application is the solar energy. It has got a huge achievement.

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