Late Pregnancy

Late Pregnancy

More and more women today are experiencing what you may call a late pregnancy. There are many different reasons why women are getting pregnant at a later age, and some of those reasons out of their control. Better medical care and more sophisticated help for babies born prematurely are just a few reasons why later pregnancies are more successful then they were in the past. If you are older, but wishing to have a baby, you are more likely than ever to have a happy and healthy pregnancy as long as you get the right prenatal care for you and your baby.

The reasons for late pregnancy are varied. Some women want to put time into advancing their career before they start a family. Sometimes, this takes longer than they thought it would. For others, fertility issues have stood in the way of them having a baby, and those issues may clear up or a window may open up through which they can have a baby. Men and women alike are getting married at a later age, and others are finding more success with a second marriage and having more children then. Others want to be more financially stable when they start a family, and that can take a while too.

For many, a late pregnancy is just like a pregnancy in the twenties and early thirties. More women are having babies in their late thirties and even early forties than every before. Some are getting pregnancy at even older ages than those. Many of these late pregnancies are just as healthy as younger ones, simply because doctors know what to look for, what can go wrong, and how to prepare for any complication that may come with a later pregnancy. There are doctors that specialize in these so called ‘high risk’ pregnancies.

There are complications that can come with a late pregnancy. Some women are not in as good of shape as they were when they were younger. This can mean that backaches are worse, and that other aches and pains can be downright debilitating. Gestational diabetes can be an issue if the woman going through a late pregnancy was overweight before she became pregnant. Those giving birth at an older age also may experience problems due to their eggs not being as healthy as they once were. They are not widespread problems, however, so try not to worry, and ask your doctor for more information if these things are weighing on your mind while pregnant.

When you are going through a late pregnancy, try not to dwell on the fact that you think you are too old or that you may have special problems. As long as your body is still able to get pregnant, you are still able to have a healthy pregnancy. Try not to worry about the things that you can not control, and focus on what you can do to have a healthy pregnancy. All pregnancies come with some type of risk, and some things are going to happen no matter what you do or do not do. Getting the proper prenatal care with a late pregnancy is the best thing you can do for you and your baby.

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