Lady Gaga And Her Studded Hermes Birkin

Do you love Hermes Birkin? I can make certain that most modern fashion women will say yes. And even to most ordinary ladies, a Hermes Birkin is what they yearn for every day and night. Once they have own such a classic bag, they will treat it as the precious treasure. Although you are familiar with Birkin bags, you may have never seen a Birkin that Lady Gaga, the pop singer in the moment, wears. There are thousands of people all over the world love Lady Gaga. Some love her for rhythmic songs, others for eccentric behavior, still other for the inimitable style. If you are one of her fans, you must have known that Alexander McQueen is their idol’s favorite fashion designer. And now, she is wearing a Hermes Birkin bag. What happen? Ok, just calm down. Just be inured to her eccentric behaviors! Yes, what you see is the Hermes Birkin. In detail, it is the Lady Gaga’s Hermes Birkin. Different from the common Birkin items, this Lady Gaga’s Birkin is just added something special. Maybe some people will admire the creation of Lady Gaga, and maybe others will feel pity or furious on this ‘damaged’ Hermes Birkin. And what is your feeling? This special Birkin was conquered with studs, which are not simple, but really sharp-looking ones. This is the type of studs at which you will say Ouch when you poke it. And when you take a closer look at the bag, they are not at all set apart from each other. It is actually designed in a pattern but with free form. Will you also do the same work to your beloved bags? Maybe it is the special fashion or something else, just depending on your own ideas.Don’t you like to have your own  at very cheap price? Visit – to experience the most up-to-date collection and enjoy shopping there.

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