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The Demon Lover by Victoria Holt ISBN D-00-blbfl35-b ^ 9 “78000ell16825eN U.K.EL95 New Zealand $6.95* ” recommended price The Demon Lover kate collison belonged to a family of renowned miniaturists, but although she herself was as talented as any other ancestors, the fact that she was a woman in the mid-nineteenth century made it difficult for her to be recognized. Her chance came through the tragic affliction of her father and a summons to the Normandy chateau of the powerful Baron de Centeville. There Kate met the chivalrous Bertrand de Mortemer, Nicole, the Baron’s worldly mistress, and the Baron himself, dynamic, overbearing and arrogant, who had ordered a discount puma miniature to be painted. It was this portrait of “The Demon Lover’ which gave Kate the opportunity she had longed for; but there was a big price to pay for it. The Baron had a score to settle and he was a man accustomed to making use of people when they could serve his ends. The story moves from an English country house to the Norman chateau with its feudal atmosphere, and puma trainers uk then to Paris of the Second Empire and the fearful months when the city was under siege. But when later Kate went back to the chateau the dangers there seemed even more menacing than they had in besieged Paris.Caliban’s End Akin to Pity Paul Francis Stewart Akin to Pity Stewart, Paul, 1966 – . Caliban’s End. Book Three: Akin to Pity Typeset in 14 pt Times New Roman This is a work of fiction. Characters, institutions and nations mentioned in this novel are the product of the author’s imagination. First published 2010 by Copyright . Paul Francis St puma speed cat black ewart 2010 The author hereby asserts his moral rights. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior permission from the author. Cover photograph DSC09543 by Jari, 2009 This book is dedicated to Zac, whose imagination and curiosity inspire my mind to wander further afield Hannah Beth, – I hope one day you will read these books and bite your arm with excitement and Toby, a constant reminder tha speed cat big 2011 t the world should always be a happy place ‘To pity distress is but human; to relieve it is Godlike.’ – Horace Mann (1796 – 1859) Dramatis Person. ACORA CATE AUDREY, an Almoner CLAUDIA KALLADY, a Scientist JIMM HAWKINS, a Seaman JONAS KALLADY, the Captain of The Silhouette JEHENNA CANNA, the Consul for Acoran MAELDUNE CANNA, the Minister for Justice ANKARAN RAMA TA, the Consul for Ankara CABAL AVENTAIL CRIBELLA NAUSASIS SUCCELLOS THE ANTHROPOG THE MORRIGU THE RYUGIN UGUKU CAQUIKKI LOKOTA FALL, the Ambassador for Caquix TAWHAWKI FALL, the Consul for Caquix CEPHALONIAN BORMANUS COLE, the Ambassador for Cephalonia CESSAIRIAN PORENUTIOUS WINDLE, a Bureaucrat SAMUEL MELKIN, a Bureaucrat TIBERIUS LLYR, Lord Chamberlain of the Myr GHADDAR AZAZEL GHUL CHABRIEL, a Major DEFECIOUS, a Sergeant DRABELLA, a Major DROOLA, a Sergeant GOLAGG, a Corporal LUCETIOUS, a Lieutenant SCREE, a Servant HELYAN AUGUSTINE LEIPPA, a Senator DECIUS SEMIRAMUS, a Lieutenant PEDAEUS RHODES, the Ambassador for Hel puma trainers for men yas PYLOS CASTALIA, the General of the Helyan Army KEELII DENA YUMA KHEPERAN SEFAR HADITH, the Consul for Khepera KOBOLD ABLO BOGLE, a Lapidarist MABBIT TAGTUG MORGAI ADDISON COLE REMIEL GRAYSON LILITH CORTESE NESSAN FATHER GIDEON, a Priest PRYDERI ARETHUSA DORE, a Witch ARINNA BRINE, a Witch CALLISANDRA GALLEY, a Witch LARA BRAND, a Witch MEGGAN GALLEY, a Witch SAPPHYRRO TRYPP ELAN, the Consul for Skyfall Town SESSYMIRIAN LOKASENNA HAGEN, the Foreman of Strom Mir Mine RIG GUDRUN, a Captain VILA HELSTROM, a Keeler SCORIAN CALIBAN GRAYSON, a Schola puma speed cat black r SIR EDGAR WORSELEY, a Knight SPRIGGAN MULUPO, a Merchant SUSANESE SUMI KIMURA, the Consul for Susano TAMUAN SELA NOYE, the Consul for Tamu TOMU NOYE, her husband TETHRAN BARBAROSSA JUDD, the Ambassador for Tethra GUNTHER ROSS, the Consul for Tethra TUATHAN GAMELYN BLAKE, the Captain of The Melody GERRIOD BLAKE, the Captain of The Crimson Dawn TUIRRENIAN KIP STOOPS, an Archer WILL STOOPS, an Archer The story so far housands of years ago the people of the Myr locked away the world’s evil creatures in a subterranean realm known as the Endless. For centuries, the Myr was untroubled by these creatures, but the evil never went away. It was only hidden… Gideon Grayson lies dying. As is the way of his kind, one of his children is destined to inherit his mystical powers. Plagued by dreams in which his twin brother Caliban throws the world into chaos, Gideon’s son Remiel seeks out a seer by the name of Lilith Cortese who confirms his worst fears. Hoping to avoid the future Cortese described, Remiel poisons his brother with an apothecary’s potion which gives Caliban all the symptoms of leprosy. On a ship bound for Sanctuary, a leper colony on an island in Lake Erras, Caliban escapes by jumping overboard, taking with him the ship’s captain, Gamelyn Blake. Caliban and Gamelyn are swallowed up by the Worldpool, a churning vortex in the middle of the vast lake. Concerned for Gamelyn’s son Gerriod, Remiel administers a potion to the boy, making him forget the terrible events of that day. Thirty years pass. In the land of Camulos, the Kobolds break through to the Endless whilst mining for shatterstone, inadvertently granting the ancient evil known as t puma trainers for men he Ghul access to the Myr. Now led by Caliban Grayson, the Ghul strip Camulos of all its shatterstone and round up every single Kobold. The Kobolds are taken into the Endless where a creature called Succellos uses her unique power to rob them of their free will, reducing the once proud race to mindless slaves. The Kobolds spend the next year digging, opening breaches throughout the Myr. The Kobolds also unearth the Cabal, terrifying behemoths that were buried deep in the Endless eons ago. One such beast, the Morrigu, attacks the peaceful hamlet of Skyfall Town, the first of many Myrran settlements to be threatened by the Cabal. A short trionfo racing shoe distance to the west, Gerriod Blake is transporting supplies to Sanctuary when he is attacked by lepers trying to escape the colony. He manages to fend off the lepers’ attack but in the process is swept into the great vortex now known as Caliban’s End. T Gerriod sur speed cat big 2011 vives his fall into the Endless. He finds his father bound to a crucifix but is unable to free him. Informed of Caliban’s plans to subjugate the world above, Gerriod flees the Endless, unaware that his escape is all part of a much greater plan. Caliban sends a battalion of Ghul to the Bregon Woods where the witches of Morae dwell. The witches – known as the Pryderi – share a unique bond with their offspring and Caliban exploits this in a terrible way. His troops abduct the Pryderi young over a protracted period. As the months pass more and more witches submit to Caliban’s request that they join him in the Endless. The Pryderi send Lara Brand to the Isle of Grisandole in the hope that she may find a grimoire known as the Incanto, a tome that would give the witches the power to defend themselves against the Ghul’s relentless attacks. Lara fails to find the book and is assaulted by the Ghul on the isle. She escapes and is picked up at sea by an Acoran sea captain by the name of Simeon Kallady. Caliban’s forces search the Myr for the whereabouts of his brother. A Kompiran boat is attacked by the sea beast known as the Ryugin. The town of Marshmead is invaded by the Ghul. Similarly in the lands of Acoran, Ankara, Kolpia, Helyas and Sessymir, the Ghul and Cabal make their presence known. An Assembly of Nations is convened. Representatives of almost every Myrran nation attend, hoping to find the means to stop the evil that has crept into the world. After much discussion, the Myrrans, hoping to avoid all-out war, agree to send three assassination squads into the Endless to kill Caliban. One squad, led by a Sessymirian by the name of Lokasenna Hagen, will journey north to the mine of Strom Mir in Nilfheim. Another squad, led by the politician Maeldune Canna, will head across the Nessan Sea to the Myr’s eastern continent and enter the Endless via Caliban’s End. The third company will be led by Jehenna Canna, the Consul of Acoran. This group will make their way to Lucien where thousands of Myrrans have already died in battle with the Ghul. On the eve of the squads setting out from Cessair, they receive their first loss – the great hero Bannick Landen is killed. The three squads begin their journeys and suffer setbacks immediately. In the underground passage known as the Acoran Way, Jehenna Canna’s squad is ambushed by the Ghul. They escape only to be attacked the following day by the Cabal behemoth known as Kleesto. Kali is killed. Meanwhile Maeldune Canna’s squad makes its way through the Stone Forest of Tethra. They too are ambushed but suffer no casualties. Pylos Castalia realises that the Ghul are vulnerable to the metal known as cheap puma trainers shatterstone but is forbidden by Maeldune to return to Cessair to inform the Chamberlain. Eventually making their way up on to the Ganesa Plateau, Maeldune’s squad discover the grisly remains of thousands of Tethrans, slain by the diminutive Argas, a member of the Cabal. Remiel risks betraying his M puma speedcat suede orgai identity in an attempt to save his companions. The squad are saved from defeat by the unlikely intervention of one the Colossi, gargantuan, ancient creatures that wander the Ganesa Plateau. Pylos takes Remiel aside and, having realised his true identity, attacks the priest. Remiel tries to explain to Pylos his actions and the Helyan spares his life. The two agree to keep Remiel’s identity a secret – both men realise that they have a traitor in their midst in the form of Maeldune Canna. The progress of Lokasenna’s squad has also been curtailed by repeated attacks by the Ghul. The Tuirrenian archer Will Stoops sacrifices himself to give his companions the chance to flee. They strike out across the Hollow Hills where Lokasenna’s duplicity is revealed. Sir Edgar is slain and Tagtug the Mabbit is wounded, brutally impaled on Lokasenna’s steel spike. Hundreds of leagues to the south-west, in the face of overwhelming odds, Jehenna Canna abandons her plan to enter the Endless

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