Kids Should Master the Basic Life Skills from Childhood

Culture children’s independent ability as the childhood, so that make the children master the basic life skills, it will play an important role after the children grow.


For the eating habits, the child’s action is slower, but he can basically get their own. So, adults should let go, and when the child is at a year and a half old, parents can let her try to eat by her own. My daughter is starting from a year and a half to eat. Although she make the foods everywhere, she likes to eat by her own, and slowly for a long time, she naturally develops the habits that she eats foods by her own, and develops the good habit of not picky.


Moreover, since the child can walk, parents can let her practice squat pots to relieve herself, and gradually develop good habits of regular defecating. However, occasionally children because of the fun but wet their pants; at this time, parents should use language to tell her: “We could not do that next time. How more uncomfortable if you make your pants wet.”


Furthermore, for the cultivation of wearing and taking off clothes, since the child was born, I wear the clothes for my child. When I wear the clothes for her, I always use the language to tell her: “Baby, let’s wear a vest, raise your hands, then small arms begin to drill tunnel, so comfortable and so beautiful.” Slowly, the child will not fear dressing. Therefore, parents should master the trick, not to force to let the kids to do what you want to, on the contrary, they will be reluctant to wear the clothes. Since the child is small, it is recommended to wear simple cotton vest, and shorts, and less to wear skirts and other complex clothes.


In addition, for the cultivation of health habits, parents should let your children develop the good habits of gargling, brushing their teeth, and washing their face form a young age. Besides, bathing habits should be developed from young. Every time when you give the baby a bath, you can play some light music, and find some children’s favorite toys, and let your baby to take bath for the ducks, and mother take bath for baby. And the parents use words to stimulate young children, so that make the children know the benefits to take a bath. In think, no children who do not like to be comfortable, there are only the parents who do not pay attention to the method.


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