Kevin surveillance ip camera home improvement, kid home alone is not afraid

“Home Alone” this American film, I think most people have seen, the film tells the story of a Americans the whole family go on holiday to France, yet the smallest children Kevin remained at his home. Unfortunately, little Kevin at home I was surprised to meet two thieves. The film mainly about is Kevin and wits between two thieves story.

However, with the rapid development of the surveillance ip camera industry, a variety of surveillance mini ip camera by the previous government, agencies, engineering units and gradually applied to the ordinary people, families. I believe the future home monitoring continuous development, even a small Kevin alone at home, small Kevin’s mother is also no need then Danjing afraid.

Mentioned matter network this concept, I believe we will not be a stranger, simply through radio frequency identification, infrared sensors, global positioning systems, laser scanners and other information sensing device to any electronic items with the Internet connected to the exchange of information and communications, in order to achieve intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, security monitoring and management of a network concept. Connected to the monitoring system while the parents Kevin’s cell phone, while connected to the National Police Agency. When the thief when Kevin just gently press the alarm system, Kevin parents via mobile phone video surveillance
ip control to small Kevin at home in a timely manner. The Police Department also immediately understand and clearly see Kevin at home, which give very important information on the arrest of thieves and the police case.

So, for ordinary families how to install dispatched? At this point, Shenzhen apexis electronic Wang give you some suggestions on home monitoring.

First, if there is a courtyard house, the first to monitor natural door to the courtyard. Monitored from a distance, and day and night should be monitored, so I suggest to base the best selection of long-range infrared camera. Fu Wang electronic distance ip camera, for example, can conduct 24-hour monitoring during the day and not cast, night viewing angle, the effective radiation distance of over one hundred meters. Can effectively monitor the vehicle and license plate number and later the vehicle access and license plate number of great help.

Secondly, the living room door. Here is no need to choose as long as the irradiation distance, you can see the person’s appearance (fat, thin body, head, face). The most important thing is that the night vision effect Haojiu Hang up. The selected IR Dome IP Camera APM-H901-Z-WS and APM-H701, the MPC-IR series, affordable, and all aspects of performance are good.

Finally, the doors and windows. Doors and windows, then deployed on relatively simple, as long as ordinary alarm fitted on the line. When the thief pushed open the door or push the window will automatically alarm and loud sound. At the moment thieves will choose immediately fled. Even if the escape does not matter, surveillance wireless ip camera have photographed him, after the public security organs is also very easy to check.

Lives and property is always pursue the theme of humankind. Home security, as long as reasonable the deployment, the choice of high-quality surveillance cameras, the security problems of the average family will be easy to solve.

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