Keurig B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System

two yrs ago, on my wife’s birthday her mother gave her this coffee brewer. We already had bought a coffee maker back then so I though we wouldn’t use it until our recently bought (back then) coffee maker was worn out. Just how naive I was, our coffee maker turned out to be a huge disappointment, we had to return it after a few days of use. So it wasn’t long after my wife’s birthday that we unpacked the coffee maker she got as a gift. I couldn’t have been more surprised, it is been 2 yrs now and we still have this coffee maker running on our kitchen counter. Thusly coffee brewer turned out to be a huge surprise in a small package!

This coffee maker had an entire lot of properties our prior coffee maker did not. I leave for work early in the morning, hence I mostly require my coffee done and ready to drink within minutes and this machine in fact makes a cup of coffee in under a minute. The price of a single cup of coffee is pretty reasonable too, that is .55 cents a cup. Because of our busy life style, this machines coffee reservoir genuinely suits our requires, we only require to fill it once a week! Not only that yet the clean up of this machine is also quite simple, you don’t have to go via the procedure of cleaning messy filter or grounds. The filter is also reusable. Naturally the coffee it brews are tasty, offering an excellent variety of cups we get different coffees, depending on the mood. One of the rarest thing in coffee makers and this machine seems to possess it is that it can present you with very much the same cup of coffee every single time if you want, meaning consistent tasting hot coffee. Yes, it heats up very fast in less than 2 minutes. Again, you get fresh coffee each and every time, so no more wasted coffee and you don’t have to drink stale coffee either. The choice of large or small cup is very nice. The design of this coffee maker really suits our kitchen, the black and silver give off an extremely elegant look. Also, it isn’t fixed on to just making coffee yet I have actually made hot chocolate, tea etc using this machine.

Just as much as any buyer I too wish it was all positives and no negatives but that’s wishing for the impossible. Anyway, this machine too has a few flaws. It’s made in china which makes me feel it can stop working any time! The cups are not recyclable either,I feel recyclable cups are needed. The tank also seems a little bit small for heavy make use of, like when I have guests over. Although we got this as a gift, I think this could be a bit costly for other purchasers.

All in all this machine has proved to be an incredible one without doubt. I plan on getting one for my mother next Christmas.

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