It’s your health – stay healthy with your cell phone

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Nowadays, the importance of cell phone is needless to say. It isn’t just a tool for communication, but also a bond linking us with our beloved ones, such as our family members or our dear friends. However, every coin has two sides. The detriment to our health comes with the convenience. It is a kind of universal knowledge that cell phones have great influences on human body, and sometimes they may bring great harm to our health. What we can do is to reduce the disadvantages to the smallest extent. How can we protect ourselves from radiation of cell phones in daily lives? Here I would like to share some suggestions with you.
1.  Try not to use cell phones when you have fixed telephone by your side.
2.  When making a call, remember Listen to the phone after it has been connected. The radiation of cell phones will reach the max damage at the connecting moment.
3.  Try not to make calls in the corner of buildings or in lifts.
4.  Deducing each call time as far as possible, the best talking time should be controlled within three minutes.
5.  Remember not to put the phone beside your pillow when sleeping.
6.  Pregant womanshould try not to use cell phones.
7.  Do not hang the cell phones on your neck and waist.
8.  Do not use cell phones when driving speedily. It is reported that to use cell phones while driving is extremely dangerous and is the main cause of these traffic accidents.
9.  If you have to chatting for a long time, you should try to use the headset, which can effectively reduce the harm the radiation causes.

10.When answering calls, remember to change another ear every two or three minutes.
11.Do remember not to answer calls when your cell phones are under charging. There will be a large quantity of current flow delivering through the phone.
12. Power off  your phone when charging.
Dear friends, it’s your health. It is an important lesson to stay healthy with our cell phones. Please do from the tiny things in our daily life to protect ourselves.

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