It is put forward by the personnel in the workshop of green laser pointer

A spectral line oscillation, the number of inversion for other spectral lines decrease in the gain and output power of the other lines will reduce or even completely suppressed. This is the competitive effect of the spectral lines. He-Ne laser, 23 the strongest laser line (0.6328 ? m, 1.15 ? m, 3.39 ? m), where a spectral line start-up depends entirely on the wavelength selection of the resonant cavity dielectric film mirror. Be seen from Figure (5-10), 0.6328 ? m and 3.39 ? m, two laser lines have the same upper level, so between these two lines there is a strong competition. Proportional to the cube of the gain coefficient with wavelength, it is clear that the gain coefficient of 3.39 ? m spectral lines is much larger than .6328 ? m spectral lines. This kind of  laser pointer pen   is really a good choice for the customer to use in the practical location.
Longer .6328 ? m He-Ne laser, although the dielectric film mirror with high reflectivity .6328 ? m wavelength of light, it will still produce a strong 3.39 ? m wavelength amplified spontaneous radiation or laser, the upper level which will allow the number of particles decreased, resulting in lower laser power of 0.6328 ? m. Strong .6328 ? m laser output requires the use of the dispersion method, inhibition of 3.39 ? m radiation absorption method or an external magnetic field method. Output power characteristics. He-Ne laser discharge current on the output power has a great influence. Figure (5-11) is the experimentally measured output power and discharge current curve. This  led flash light  is the good tool and assistant for the customer.
It can be seen, each inflatable total pressure has a maximum output power of the discharge current with the gas mixture and total pressure. In the best inflatable conditions, the maximum output power of the discharge current is called the optimal discharge current. Can be seen from the diagram, near the optimum discharge current, the output power because of the discharge current changes caused little change. Therefore, when in actual use, the best discharge current is not very strict, which is very conducive to the adjustment of the working state. Curve of output power with discharge current. He-Ne laser is filled with He gas and Ne gas mixing ratio and total pressure has a great influence on the output power. Lasing in the Ne atom ratio is too small to make the output power is reduced. It is the perfect design of green laser pointer .
He’s lower ionization potential, the ratio is too large will increase the ionization of too much leaving the number of electron ion, the lower the electric field will be able to maintain a certain discharge current, low electric field causes the electron temperature decreased to reduce the excitation rate, output power decreases. The experiment proved that the He-Ne laser with the best mixing ratio and the best inflatable pressure, that is, there is the best inflatable conditions. The optimal conditions must be considered in the manufacture of a He-Ne laser. If the discharge capillary diameter d, gas pressure is p, then there exists a maximum power output of the best pd value. He-Ne laser pd value of about (4.8 ? 5.3) × 102 Pa ? mm. The reason for this phenomenon is: on the one hand the pressure decline in the electronic and atomic collisions reduce. It is the brilliant technology of  200mw laser pointer .
Resulting increase in electron temperature (average kinetic energy), the excitation rate increases; capillary diameter decreases, the electrons and ions of the compound wall intensified in order to maintain the discharge current is constant, we must increase the electric field, the resulting electronic The temperature will help to stimulate. The other hand, the pd value is too low will reduce leaving the output power of He and Ne atomic number is too small. Optimum discharge conditions, the gain coefficient of the work material and the capillary diameter d is inversely proportional to. By stimulated radiative transition to the Ne atom laser level with the spontaneous radiation transferred to the metastable 1S level, then return to the ground state by way of energy release and wall collision. If the diameter d increases, reduce the chances of the atom and the wall collision. Here is the design and technology of green laser pointer .

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