It is in conjunction with reasonable installation position of cell phone jammer

And the sound of fingers beat, PC + ABS or PC-the GF voice also Shen, while aluminum is also very brittle.Classification of this, we rely on you to spend more to accumulate the most basic common sense. Such as IBM titanium compound gold is dedicated materials, other brands will have the most used materials, hard and fast to use. For example, the PC-GF, FUJITSU now almost all the new models are using this material, I contacted many of the book, which also did not find the use of this material in the brand book. cell phone jammer   will be demonstrated and described in details.
PC + the ABS this almost all the book inside are used, the most prominent among Taiwan OEM products for the domestic brands, in addition to the PC + ABS material, it is difficult to see which model to use aluminum alloy, of course, is not to say , but said very little. The inside of the foreign brands, even some high-end volume slightly larger models, the wrist rest cover shell are mostly for the PC + ABS, or screen cover shell PC + ABS. The magnesium alloy used in the bottom shell, ultra-compact models which also magnesium alloy shell. There are certain models of DELL machine, compare features, shell PC + ABS, but inside the body. cell phone jammer will be presented in the following. The sense of touch a can distinguish between the PC-of GF, the PC + ABS or aluminum alloy, but no more quasi-with sound. The PC-GF, PC + ABS, touch, feel in addition to Formosa feeling, almost know what if feels, especially the PC + ABS. Aluminum alloy in addition to itself Formosa feeling very obvious through the heart of the kind of cold, of course, is turned off, or boot a long time, the central location on the touch screen cover. Edge of this approach can not be determined by the above method. It is the cell phone shielding network of  cell phone jammer .
Through the observation of its edge can also see some clues. We have spoke of, no matter what the material, the surface will be painted, but paint only its outer surface, while the inner surface of course not. Can see the exposed inside surface of the edge part can be further identified. Places to view are: the battery out, if the optical drive can be drawn, the optical drive out, that the edge of these components in the machine can see the true face of the inner surface of the shell. Plastic co-alloy or PC-of GF, or a magnesium alloy is quite clear. Characteristics of the PC + ABS plastic texture. PC-of GF looks very smooth surface, like a metal layer. It is in conjunction with reasonable installation position of  cell phone jammer   .
Aluminum, metal color quality, you should be very easy to distinguish. However, this method does not apply to all models, some book work above is indeed very detailed, all edges to reveal the inner surface of shirt very often thin zinc foil and paper-thin aluminum alloy sheets .

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